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    HK520 and 6.1

    I'm considering setting up a rear center. I was thinking of reassinging one of the internal amps to power it. Now I know the HK520 is setup to run 7.1, but my wife is already freaking out about another speaker in the family room. So would it be safe to assume that if I just hook up one more...
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    HK 520 or HK 525

    I currently have a HK520 that I'm using as pre/pro. I like the fact that I can reassign the internal amps which I have done to power my Rockustics. I can re-assign 2 more amps if I decide to go to 7.1. I paid $399 from CC (open box) and the unit has worked flawlessly except for a problem with...
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    I bought an HK-520.

    I purchased a 520 from Circuit city last week. Ended up paying $399 for an open box. I've used it the past week and so far everything works fine. I re-assigned the front amps to run Rockustics that I have in the backyard via the multisource. I have an external amp driving everything else. So I...
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    Harmon Kardon 320

    Just came back from Circuit City. 6th ave Electronics has a b&m store real close to the CC where I purchased the 520 from. Anyway, I explained that I could have gotten a new one from 6th ave for the same $499 that I paid for the open box. CC credited my card for $100, so I bought the 520 for...
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    Harmon Kardon 320

    I just bought a floor model 520 from CC for $499. They had 2 on display, one that was being used, another that was just sitting there unplugged for 9 months. It sure appeared new, Not a acratch on it. Had all the accessories, but no box. build date of Oct 2001. I wanted the ability to return...
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    hk 520 for sale

    Russell, is this still available?
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    Is it worthwhile to upgrade to prologic II?

    I currently have a Denon 2801. So I'm kind of stuck with the original prologic for DSS or cable. No other options. I'm considering the HK 520 or Denon 3802. Actually that brings up another question, since the reciever would act as a pre-amp rendering the internal amps useless, would a 2802 sound...
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    looking to upgrade receiver

    Thanks Paul. The sound quality of the NAD was impressive, but it doesn't have a multisource option. This can be overcome with a speaker a/b switch tho. The HK 520 is tempting. At $475 it seems like a no-brainer. I was on the 950 list for quite sometime, and Steve Simon was kind enough to give me...
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    Is it worthwhile to upgrade to prologic II?

    How much of a difference does prologic II make for everyday tv shows, such as Enterprise? Will I hear more surround effects? I'm using Direct TV, so my signal is digital. Also, how would movies not broadcast in DD sound with prologic II. Would it be a big improvement or hardly noticable? I...
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    looking to upgrade receiver

    Thanks for the feedback guys. :rolleyes: I've been seriously looking at the HK 520 also. Can be had for about $475 and seems to have most of the options that I want, including preamp ins. Anybody using it as a pre-amp? So now I'm considering the follwing: HK 520 $475. Denon 3802/1082...
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    If I buy a NAD T762, should I sell my amp?

    I've seriously looked at the Outlaw 950. As a matter of fact I was on the list for quite sometime and didn't pull the trigger when it was my turn. I've often wondered if the sound quality of the Outlaw is superior to the NAD. Plus with the NAD I do get 5 (t752) or 6(t762) more amps. If I get the...
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    If I buy a NAD T762, should I sell my amp?

    I'm seriously considering purchasing either a NAD T752 or T762(as soon as they start shipping). I'm currently running a Denon 2801 into a Sherbourn 5/1500a. My speakers are B&W CDM7 se(mains), CDMC (center)and B&W Rock Solids for rears. I have a SVS 25-31 PCI sub. I've listened to the T752...
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    looking to upgrade receiver

    I'm currently running a Denon 2801(used as a pre-amp) into a Sherbourn 5/1500a which is powering a pair of B&W CDM7se's,a CDMCse Center, B&W Rock solids(rears). The sub is a SVS 25-31 PCI. I also have a pair of Rockustic Pavorockies by the pool that need to be powered. I know the weaklink...
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    JVC AV-48WP30 Rear Projection

    Anybody have any experience with this set? I saw an open box at Best buy for $1599. Retails for $1999.