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    No signal with PS3 hooked up to Receiver Via HDMI

    Jeez! Isn't that the A-Team van?! I thought those guys were only out to help people! For what it's worth, never buy anything from the back of a van from anyone. You'll only end up with less in your wallet and something that doesn't work.
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    how to get rid of directv, dish etc

    I have to agree with Bill. I used to have Directv but got tired of losing the signal every time there was some snow or rain. So,I went with a triple play package from Mediacom, my local cable outfit. I ended up with high speed internet (which I did not have before due to the area I live in), a...
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    Trying to plan an upgrade

    Hi Scott. Wow! Bose,huh. Let's start by saying you can do way better. Bose is a 4 letter word around here. If you like the cube style speakers, consider Boston Acoustics. Or, are you looking to get monitor style speakers, or floor standers? How much are you wanting to spend? Answers to these...
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    Beginner needing suggestion

    Most people use a projector and a large screen to re-create the "theater" experience. You didn't state whether you wanted a fixed screen or if a pull down screen would be acceptable. Since you didn't give any preferences as to equipment, here's what I propose: Speakers: Axiom Audio Epic Master...
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    Beginner needing suggestion

    OK, I'll jump in. You didn't mention what size picture you were wanting.I know you said this is mainly for watching dvd's, but if you're wanting to watch regular cable tv as well, I'd look into a 65 - 72 inch flat screen tv instead of a projector. Keep in mind, the projector has a bulb with that...
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    Subwoofer cable

    Update: I went home last night, went into the manual set up on the receiver and bumped up the db to +5 and tried a coulple of movies. It was somewhat better. So, I went back in and went to +6.5 and that did it. As far as location goes, the sub is 3 ft from the side wall and 1 foot from the front...
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    Subwoofer cable

    Martin, yes I had them all calibrated at the same level. Really anxious to get home and bump up those numbers to see if that suits me. Thanks for your input.
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    Subwoofer cable

    Thanks Jason. I'll be trying that tonight to see if that satisfies my needs. Much easier than moving that sub!
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    Subwoofer cable

    I didn't think the cable would be the problem, but like I said, I was just trying to narrow down the possibilities. Sometimes the things you least expect to be the problem,are. The sub is only about 3 years old. The meter is a Radio Shack digital spl meter. I know the meter works fine as I used...
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    Subwoofer cable

    I'm not a new member, just a returning one, but I wasn't sure where to put this particular question. I don't seem to be getting as much out of my subwoofer as I should. I have an SVS PB12-Plus connected to a Pioneer SC-05. I've used the automatic set-up and rechecked everything in the manual...
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    New home theater setup help

    Hi Steve. I'll try to get the ball rolling on this. Your main problem is the receiver. From what I read, your receiver is a stereo receiver, not a 5.1 receiver. Yes, you do have 4 hook-ups for speakers, but they are what is known as A/B terminals. You can hook up 2 speakers to the A terminals...
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    Possibly replacing receiver

    I currently have a Pioneer Elite SC-05 receiver and love it. Actually I should say loved it. A week ago qwe had some storms come through our area and the power went off and on several times within a couple of hours. Yesterday was the first time I had a chance to go downstairs and watch a movie...
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    360 update

    From what I've read the Falcon chipsets were supposed to alleviate the RROD issue. They did not. The Jasper apparently (at least at this point) is taking care of the RROD which is caused by overheating. Not only that, all those who now own a 360 with the Jasper claim the 360 runs quieter as well.
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    360 update

    Not really. I've read countless reviews where people got the Halo 3/Fable 2 bundles from different merchants and they did not get the Jasper chipset. They are getting the newest bundle with the older Falcon chipset, not the newest version of the 360. And, it's not cheaper to get the Elite. The...
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    Pioneer VSX-919AH or Yamaha RXV-565B

    Yes, the Bose are expensive, and not worth the money they want for them. Steer clear of those. If you want something that size there are other brands out there that are way better and much much cheaper.