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    4K streaming

    Very good advice there. If your internet speed is not fast enough then your streaming of 4k stuff (like 4k Vudu movies) will be reduced to lower resolution automatically. Be sure that your hdmi cables are 4k capable and whatever your streaming device turns out to be recognizes that your tv is...
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    Where do you think cinema goes from here?

    I wonder if movie theaters will become second run theaters and have a very low admission price and show movies 30-45 days after they are on subscription services?
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    Some Twilight Time Discs No Longer Playing

    Tested Rollerball and Bell,Book,and Candle....played back fine.
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    Apple TV 4K official

    That’s good to hear. I have bought 3 versions of Apple TV. I want to buy this one but like others I’m waiting for atmos and dts-x.
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    Starting a Digital Library

    I just started my digital library..I also had digital codes that were expired. I linked vudu,iTunes, and google to MovieAnywhere. Those expired codes in my dvds still worked. Example....If vudu didn’t accept the expired code I tried it at iTunes or another and what do you know...it would get...
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    Personally, I think 4K Blu-ray is going to be another bust

    Back in my younger days I was the guy that constantly upgraded my home theater equipment. Then when 1080i tv's came out I stopped. My old crt was still working fine (gave it to a friend's son for his kids) when I decided to finally upgrade to 4k. Decided to go all out...new receiver, tv...
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    3D Why keep fighting for 3-D, even if you're not a fan!

    Umm...I needed to buy a tv so no matter what there was going to be a sale. But---between the two I was deciding on -- if one of them had 3D on it then I would have purchased it over the other. The message is consumers in need of a tv will have to buy a tv with whatever options the manufacturer...
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    3D Why keep fighting for 3-D, even if you're not a fan!

    Figured I would throw my 2 cents in on 3D TV. I always thought that as new tech became old the price goes down. Example first bluray players were 399 and now you can get them for 50 dollars. This tech came out in 2010 or so --- has been research and developed so having it in new model tv's...
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    Weekly RoundUp 2-1-2011

    I didn't have any problem...clerk rang it up and I handed the coupon. Only saw a few Alice Blurays in the store --- no big display at all. That was kind of weird for a Disney title. Zero Heavy Metal Blurays in the store too.
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    Samsung PN50C450 or PN50B450

    I just bought the Samsung PN50C550 at Best Buy. I was able to negotiate this TV down from the 1169.00 sale price to 949.99. I went in to Best Buy to buy the furniture for a 50" plasma I was going to buy at HHGregs or Sam's. The salesman asked if I needed a TV to go with it and I told him that...
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    FS: Two Linksys WET610N Dual-Band Wireless-N Gaming and Video Adapter

    Sent you a private message...am interested in them.
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    Connecting tips: Yamaha 663, Samsung LN32550, Blu-Ray?

    My friend has the ipod dock for the Yamaha and a harmony 890 remote. I was able to program the remote from Harmony website and he is able to use the remote to play music from his ipod...kind of nice to remotely playback music from his chair. He also connected his direct dish to the receiver
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    Need help setting up my yamaha RX-V663BL receiver!!!

    I have a PS3 and that yamaha receiver...did you change the PS3 to hdmi? Other than that I can't add any other suggestions to try. Did you get the mic to plug into the receiver to autobalance your speakers? When you connect it to receiver a display screen appears on the TV. Good Luck
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    Harmony 880 Remote for $99.99

    Hi Guys I bought this remote for a friend and he had problems after a year. He had the older recharge cradle which stopped charging up his remote. Anyway...what I wanted to say is that the customer support is pretty good. After filling out the online support questions they sent him a...
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    Problem playing videos

    Video not playing is like a car not starting. Could be one thing or several things. Video card, not enough memory, or perhaps the XP OS is just too much for your cpu with video playback. Available resources could be gone or close to used up when you boot up your computer depending on what...