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    What would it take for you to buy Nintendo's next console?

    All it would take would be Metroid, but I'm definitely of the opinion that cheaper is better. Let Xbox2/PS3 battle for technological supremacy; offer me a $100-150 console with a Metroid game and I'll deal with memory cards/lack of internet support/ProLogic sound. I'd love to see a...
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    Your favorite SEINFELD line

    "I'm out!" The Contest
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    Hey MS Visual C/C++ Gurus...HELP!

    Not just pointers. In Debug mode, *all* memory is striped initially. In release mode, the memory is zeroed. Microsoft uses a macro to handle deallocation: #define SAFE_DELETE(p) if (p != NULL) { delete p; p = NULL; } #define SAFE_DELETE_ARRAY(p) if (p != NULL) { delete...
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    Video Cards: Radeon 9500 128mb 8x agp VS. Geforce 4 Ti4200 128mb 8x agp

    Or you could wait until Thursday and then make your decision.
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    Alias vs. Grammys

    Homer: When is anyone going to give me an award? Marge: They already did, you have a Grammy! Homer: I meant an award that's worth winning. Mr. Simpson's opinions do not reflect those of this show's creators, who don't consider the Grammy an award at all.
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    3d studio max versus maya

    Maya has better support for NURBS modeling, Max has better support for polygon (and subd) modeling. Regardless of which you pick, laying out UVs will be a complete pain in the ass. Max 5's renderer is noticeably better than Maya's, but both pale in comparison to Mental Ray. Maya tends to...
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    What should I look for in a computer?

    Or, if you want a desktop, you might want to consider one of the Shuttle XPCs (like the SN41G2) -- they're small, quiet, and very transportable (all nice things for a dorm room). An XPC runs $300-360 retail. Add in a hard drive ($80), 256M RAM ($50), a DVD-ROM ($60), and a CPU ($70-80 for a...
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    Halo 2 FAQ from Bungie

    I have no doubt that Bungie realizes what users expect out of the Xbox Live and multiplayer experience in Halo 2. In fact, they should be in a better position than any other Xbox developer, since Halo fans went out of their way to force the game to be playable on-line.