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  • Hi- Can I please have the link for Iron Man 1 2 & 3 covers? Love your work! The UK 14mm spine Blu-ray.
    On another note- do you have a First Blood blu ray cover in that same format- comic book style?
    Hello Mr. Fritz, been following your work for some time. Love what you do. All the work is fantastic. I’ve tried to track you down on a few platforms. I’m looking for your custom artwork of Spellbound if you’d be so kind to provide me a link for download.
    Hey there fritz loving the vhs to blu ray covers work .. any chance you could send me the downloads to the lethal weapons and the superman films covers please

    Many thanks
    I would like access to print the retro Disney VHS style blu Ray cover art. What a genius idea. They look spot on. I can’t wait to look over more of your work.
    Mr. Nilsen -

    Would love to see about receiving access to your Superman films custom cover art for Blu-Ray. They are the most beautiful looking custom covers I have ever come across for these films, especially with the hard to find poster art you have with Superman III. Absolutely phenomenal!

    Thank you,
    Dear Fritz, I would like to print your covers for.. Planet of the Apes (1968) and Beneath P O T Apes (1970) Patton (1970) and Saturday Night Fever (1977) Can you send me Download Link please. I sent you a message from Bluray.com days ago. Thanks, Rick
    hello Fritz! My compliments for all your great custom artwork. I love the 3 phases of the real heroes blu-rays. Is it possible to have the download links? Thanks in advance! My email is [email protected]
    Fritz Nilsen, your Godzilla covers for the Red Menace Reconstructions are awesome. Can you send me the links for downloading? - Thanks, Kevin
    the "white set" of star wars looks great!
    could you send me a dlink or something?
    big thanks
    Hey there. Your covers are amazing! I was wondering if I might be able to get the VHS inspired Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one?

    Hey,I absolutely adore your covers,they are amazing,could you give me links to the complete reelheroes style marvel cinematic universe covers and the kong skull island cover please,thank you!
    I am in love with your Reel Heroes custom covers for the MCU and Hellboy! Absolutely amazing work! If you would be so kind, I would like a download link as it would make a fine addition to my collection :D Thanks in advance! And keep up the great work!
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