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  1. Fred Sliman

    Pre-Order Rough Cut (1980) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Another longtime top want off the list. It has been said that a music issue has held it up from DVD and Blu for years; wouldn’t it be nice to imagine that Paramount is starting to clear up other music related MIAs of the era (Goodbar, American Hot Wax, Little Darlings…)
  2. Fred Sliman

    Pre-Order Murder on the Orient Express (1974) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Adding my thanks to those who assure through written and visual evidence that the new disc is a must.
  3. Fred Sliman

    Doris Day: The Perpetual Girl-Next-Door

    Major fan since age 4 or 5, when I never missed her TV show. Soon after, began collecting albums and wrote for an autograph. Have continued to appreciate her great filmography in the (many) years since, especially in the fabulous Blu editions of late.
  4. Fred Sliman

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Havana -- in Blu-ray

    Thanks; I’m so glad to hear this praise for the disc and glad I hadn’t imported another version yet. If it’s not quite one of my very favorite Redford films it is one of my very favorite Redford performances.
  5. Fred Sliman

    Press Release HTF EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Time August 2019 Release Announcements

    Thanks for the update! More Ryan on Blu is always a cause for celebration around here and was just wondering about Wild in the Country the other day.
  6. Fred Sliman

    Press Release HTF EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Time December 2018 Release Announcements

    Willie Boy was just announced elsewhere a few days ago.
  7. Fred Sliman

    HTF EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Time Sept/Oct 2015 Release Announcements

    An exceptional lineup, will be getting all as usual.
  8. Fred Sliman

    Escape From Alcatraz: Is New Triple Reissue Anamorphic?

    There is no information on any vendor sites, but does anyone know if the new triple feature Paramount reissue of this title (along with Death Wish and Uncommon Valor) is an anamorphic remaster? I was glad to see that two other longtime Eastwood anamorphic wants were remedied earlier this year in...
  9. Fred Sliman

    Universal: Please reissue The Sting!

    A hearty agreement on this one. The studio has issued this great title on three different occasions without a widescreen redo. I'll stick with my 20 year old VHS until someone does right by this personal favorite.
  10. Fred Sliman

    Paramount - DVD Requests - part 2

    A child of the 70s (and early 80s), here are a few top Paramount wants: THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE - The Robert Mitchum gem that has sadly never been available in any format on video. SAVE THE TIGER - Jack Lemmon’s Oscar-winning role; still considered by many to be the most dead-on look at a...
  11. Fred Sliman

    Which unannounced "must have" titles are missing from your collection?

    Some random, highly wanted Widescreen DVDs: California Split La Dolce Vita Night Moves Hustle The Town That Dreaded Sundown The Friends Of Eddie Coyle The Big Gundown Rolling Thunder Save The Tiger The Seven Ups All Sam Peckinpahs Not Yet Released Cross Of Iron The Ballad Of Cable...