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    The Practice

    I'd buy those remaining seasons in a heartbeat -- and if they released a complete series set, I'd happily double-dip on what I already own!
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    Pre-Order I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    After days of internal debate, I returned my set for a refund. I don't really have an issue with the original Sony sets and had just been hoping for a nice video upgrade with this release. But this set sounds like a step backward, and those Sony discs still look better than anything I saw...
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    Time Life Dallas Seasons 1-6 on DVD

    I picked it up as soon as it was released, eager to replace my flipper sets. I was hoping they'd continue - especially since I never bought anything past season 9.
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    Werewolf: Official Release Announced

    It looks like this show is finally getting released on disc -- but it's in France. Is anyone familiar with Elephant Films? I'm hoping this might be region-free...
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    Win a copy of The Ten Commandments Special Edition Blu-ray Digibook

    I'd love to win a copy of this incredible film!
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    Soap operas

    That story delighted me! Thanks for sharing it!
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    Soap operas

    I'm not sure if it'll make a difference, but that wasn't Hope. That was Princess Gina pretending to be Hope, in the midst of attempting to seduce John (who seemed completely guileless about what was happening). Marlena came home in the thick of it and shut that mess down.
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    Criterion Press Release: Godzilla: The Showa-Era Films (Blu-ray)

    I hate the packaging. Hate it. I ended up propping my set on shelf alongside some other chunky DVD boxed sets, but regardless, getting the discs out of those slots is already irritating me to no end. I rather have the book as a separate item, with the discs in a standard plastic case (or two)...
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    Blu-ray Review The Stand: The Original Mini-Series (1994) - Bluray Review

    After watching the first chapter on Blu-ray, I popped in the old DVD just to compare, and even though the Blu-ray (maybe just by virtue of the source material) isn't of astounding quality, I thought it was a huge step up compared to the DVD.
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    Time Life Dallas Seasons 1-6 on DVD

    Honestly, I'd have preferred for this initial release to go through season 8, ending with Bobby's "death." It feels like a nice cut-off point, if they don't go any further. But if they keep going, I'll keep buying.
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    Time Life Dallas Seasons 1-6 on DVD

    I went ahead and ordered the 6-season set. It's a little more costly than I'd like, but I hate the flipper discs on the sets I already have (some of which have freezing issues), so I'm willing to shell out for the upgrade. Hopefully, they'll release the remaining eight (eight!!) seasons, but...
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    Knots Landing

    Lisa Hartman's two characters covered songs by Journey ("Open Arms" and "Separate Ways"), Corey Hart ("Never Surrender"), the Bee Gees ("Words"), Michael Bolton ("How Am I Supposed to Live Without You"), Dan Hartman ("I Can Dream About You"), the Supremes ("You Keep Me Hangin' On"), Pat Benatar...
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    The Powers Of Matthew Star coming to DVD

    The pilot has the "short-peaked" blue mountain logo, with the word "television" sliding in from the right. I think it's the last one in your post. I haven't watched any of the episodes all the way through yet, so I don't know if it's a consistent feature from episode to episode. Just popped in...
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    The Powers Of Matthew Star coming to DVD

    "Starr Knight" is the final episode in the set (at the end of disc 4).
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    The Powers Of Matthew Star coming to DVD

    My set arrived today. Just had time to pop in the first disc to see how it looks. The picture is pretty sharp and the colors are vivid (aside from some minor "scratches" in the opening credits in the second episode). Episodes 1 and 2 run about 48 minutes apiece, so I don't think they're...