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Sep 28, 1969 (Age: 54)
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About Me
I have been a film fan for over 40 years and i love both classic and modern movies.
I enjoy home cinema and my website is
Top 5 Favorite Movies
Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Lawrence Of Arabia, The Evil Dead ( original ) Red River, Suspiria, The Thing, Spartacus, Roman Holiday, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Sanjuro, Alien, Raising Arizona,
Top 5 Favorite Discs
The Thing
The Evil Dead
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Raising Arizona
Super 8


:Fun Movie Quotes:
"A good body with a dull brain is as cheap as life itself"
"Maybe it's a sheep dog... let's keep going"
"Please doctor, I've got to ask this. It sounds like, well, just as though you're describing some form of super carrot”




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