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    General Discussion Best Final Line in a Movie

    The Tall T -- Randolph Scott -- “C’mon now, it’s gonna be a nice day.”
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    The Most Beautiful Songs/Themes In the World - They Make You Shiver Every Time You Hear Them

    My dearest friend passed away 12/20/2020 from complications associated with ovarian cancer. These two songs remind me of her. We Have All the Time in the World / Louis Armstrong Into the West / Annie Lenox
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    The last 3D movie you would choose if you couldn’t watch them anymore.

    The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet -- Brilliant film! I've a host of others I love to watch (see also: The Taking of Tiger Mountain) but Spivet is an immersive and delightful choice and haven't seen it listed above. I love my LG OLED passive 3D set and will scan the local Craigslist for a...
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    Warner Archive Press Release: The Pajama Game (1957) (Blu-ray)

    Doris -- Fabulous -- OLE!
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    Where is The Man With The Golden Arm (1955)?

    Great cast. Sad story. Well told. Didn't know this was available on Blu-ray. And classic Saul Bass opening credits. There should be an Oscar category for opening credit sequences.
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    Oh no! I don't have many Warner snapper cases left

    I thought of the snappers as more ecological alternatives to my sea of plastic cases. As The Buggles sang years ago, we are living in The Plastic Age. My 40ish son looks at my video collections and shakes his head ...
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    Warner Archive Press Release: Sergeant York (1941) (Blu-ray)

    And I always thought that originated in "To Have and Have Not".
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    Universal lays off restoration unit?

    I always wondered why the Sony/Boetticher DVD set was marketed without prominanently citing Randolph Scott's name on the very muted, somber cover. When I bought that DVD set, I had no idea who Boetticher was but did know I was looking for Scott films and chanced on that set. I wonder how many...
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    Warner Archive Press Release: Pride and Prejudice (1940) (Blu-ray)

    RANDOM HARVEST is devastatingly wonderful! And, if you like the movie, read the book!
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    CAN-CAN 1960 will probably never be released on Blu-ray

    Wayne's THE ALAMO remains in limbo with the original large format elements fading away. As for the rest of your list, you are crowned -- make it happen. I haven't seen a decent print of EMPIRE since its roadshow release -- most impressive on the big screen at the Hunt's Cinestage in Columbus...
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    Mary, Queen of Scots (1971) Blu-ray Review

    List of Panavision Blowups Citation for premiere in 70mm on the 22nd December 1971 in California And a poster with a small 70mm logo at the bottom
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    International UK releasing (5) Randolph Scott Westerns on Blu-ray.

    It took a while but I found a 2D MOD DVD of BOUNTY HUNTER on eBay and bought it just to see this film. It's one of Scott's better films and really deserves a fresh scan of the OCN and a 3D Blu-ray release! The enjoyable THE STRANGER WORE A GUN needs similar treatment! What does it take to...
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    Hello. Just tried your signature 3D reviews link and got to a page that reads : Oops! That page...

    Hello. Just tried your signature 3D reviews link and got to a page that reads : Oops! That page can’t be found. It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search?
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    My Universal Wish List From the Kino Deal

    All the James Stewart westerns plus a fully restored, feature-laden THIS ISLAND EARTH!