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    A Few Words About A few words about…™ Damn Yankees – in Blu-ray

    Yep, it has a psychedelic art design and they overused Pythonesque animation tricks and cut out the rousing dance section of "Shoeless Joe," in its place, battle footage from old silent movies. But it's easy to find on youtube:
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    Pre-Order Supernatural: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    At 327 episodes, does that make it the largest single blu-ray release ever?
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    Coming Soon From Classic Flix: The Little Rascals Preservation & Restoration Project

    The project just keeps looking better and better!
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    Rankin/Bass The Daydreamer coming to blu ray

    An old favorite of mine.
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    Pre-Order The Bad News Bears (1976) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    MIA in North America for a long, long time.
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    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: San Francisco (1936) (Blu-ray)

    Cute interview and song by Jeannette MacDonald:
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    Upcoming slate of 4k releases 2021 (all studios)

    Interested in what they do with Wonka. I always felt the soundtrack was weak. Some of the high end stuff is shrill--the soundtrack can't take properly take strings and woodwinds. But it's always been like that. I think it was released in monaural originally and only remixed to stereo for home...
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    TV on DVD news roundup

    Yep, now we can have the whole Stargate canon on blu. I'm still holding out on reviews for SG-1. I was also starting to worry about "Legacies" which a nice show and a worthy follow up to its two parent series. This season is overdue by about 4 or 5 months. Went ahead and pre-ordered it, and it...
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    So Bad They're Fun movies we still want on Blu-ray

    I like bad movies that I used to watch on HBO over and over in the 80s. Kino has put out a lot of those, but I still need: Midnight Madness The Pirate Movie Both probably unlikely because they're both owned by Disney. But I wonder if maybe one of these Disney will stoop to license out titles...
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    Scott Atwell Star Trek Discussion thread (Series and Films)

    Quite agreed. I never thought of that solution before. I still don't think it would have been a classic if Spock was the one who shanghaied the Enterprise into that situation, but it would have played a lot more smoothly.
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    2021 TV DVD Guesses?

    Likely choices, I think. They're both still popular and both short-lived; shouldn't take too much to get them out on blu if Universal so desires.
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    Kino Lorber Insider (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    So beat the drum 'cause here comes Thoroughly Modern Millie now---
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    Soap operas

    I used to work on "Days," from what I heard, Corday Productions preserved all the original videotapes since the beginning.
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    Is Twilight Time Making A Comeback?

    Little interest in Grind house, Schlock or exploitation films and of course that's what everybody else seems to want these days. Once in a while Kino will put out a really crummy comedy that I saw on HBO a thousand times, and I will buy it. Otherwise, I want the classics, which TT delivered...
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    Warner Archive Press Release: The Pajama Game (1957) (Blu-ray)

    It's back up for pre-order at Amazon. Date is 1/26, same as "Good News."