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    International THE ALAMO (John Wayne's extended cut)

    Amazon.de (Germany) is taking DOMESTIC pre-orders only for a May 12th release of The Alamo. The release will include 2 discs with the theatrical version (162 minutes) on BluRay and the extended cut of 3 hours 22 minutes on DVD. Koch Film Shop is the distributor and their advertisement shows...
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    Very good point there is child nudity in the movie, not sexual in any way, that plays within the indigenous people's lifestyle living deep in Amazon jungle. Sleepers, an excellent movie, does not have nudity but there was no holding back when it portrayed rape of teenage boys in reform school...
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    Until the End of the World just released by Criterion and Blue is the Warmest Color have lots of nudity in sex scenes. At Play in the Fields of the Lord is a very good movie with a strong story and very good acting. The movie was shot on location in the Amazon jungle making for some very...
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    Yes I purchased the DVD on EBay.
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    Very intense, very good WW II movie about Allied conveys sailing across the North Atlantic in 1942 carrying critical supplies for Great Britain. 91 minutes of solid action with a Wolf Pack, as they were called, of German U-Boats attacking the convey relentlessly. Tom Hanks, as usual, is...
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    International ANZIO released on Blu-ray in France. See Post #5

    My review is the actual release of ANZIO on Blu-ray which I purchased from Amazon. fr. The thread you are referring to is wishful thinking by members hoping Anzio will be released someday on blu-ray.
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    International ANZIO released on Blu-ray in France. See Post #5

    ANZIO starring Robert Mitchum and Peter Falk is now available on Blu-ray from Amazon.fr. Anzio was one of the bloodiest battles in WWII with the allies landing on the beaches of Anzio on their way to Rome. The Blu-ray includes both English and French audio with French subtitles that can be...
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    Criterion Press Release: Amores Perros (Blu-ray)

    Great movie I purchased the international Blu-ray 2 years ago and I am happy with it. Not sure if I will buy the Criterion release.
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    While performing an autopsy a coroner finds a note in the skull of the corpse with his estranged daughter's phone number written on it. This is the beginning of an excellent murder mystery based on the best selling novel by Sebastian Fitzek and Michael Toskos. The Blu-ray contains two audio...
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    International ANZIO released on Blu-ray in France. See Post #5

    The concern with movies on Blu-ray from France is when the English audio track is selected the French subtitles appear on the screen with NO shut-off. If you own a 4K player, Oppo, Sony, LG or Panasonic you can use the subtitle shift feature to move the subtitles off the screen. The French...
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    Blu-ray Review Come and See – Criterion Blu-ray Review

    Excellent movie telling in detail how WW II effected the people who lived through that era. Like The Painted Bird, In Darkness, Counterfeiters, The Black Book, Innocents, Frantz and many others movies showing the horror of war not individual battles. Very happy to see Criterion release this...
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    The director is sparse on detail we understand the story takes places somewhere in Eastern Europe with WW II raging between the Germans and Russians. A family sends their young son to live with his aunt in a safer part of Eastern Europe. Unexpectedly the boy's aunt dies leaving him with no...
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    I don't know what other members think, I really have no real interest for a retread of Event Horizon or Escape From NY or upgrades to 4K. I want the good stuff on Blu-ray that is missing in action, The Alamo, The Abyss, True Lies, Raintree County, At Play in the Fields of the Lord, Mountains of...
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    Thank you I saw that in the Spectrum guide but after opening the DVD I recorded years ago I saw no benefit of re-recording. The DVD was recorded in 4 x 3 so it appears on the TV in window boxing. With the OPPO 103 remote you can change the format to cscan which opens up the picture similar to...