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    General Discussion Streaming Frustrations

    Here’s something odd: I have the free versions of both the NBC app and Peacock app. Season three of Manifest has all three episodes (so far) available to stream for free with commercials on NBC yet Peacock only lets you stream the first episode for free, with episodes 2 and 3 for Peacock+...
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    The Horror Movie Appreciation Thread

    Deadtime Stories YIKES! I KNOW anthologies can be hit or miss. This one misses BIG TIME. Three "bedtime stories" that put me fast asleep. The "humor" falls flat, there are no real scares and the effects are pretty mediocre.
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    The Horror Movie Appreciation Thread

    Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight (W lesie dziś nie zaśnie nikt) I'm always interested in how foreign filmmakers put their twist on stories that have been done to death in the US. This Polish film is a slightly different "family in the woods" story where a group of teens go to a "camp" to help...
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    The Horror Movie Appreciation Thread

    Caught this on Netflix. Pretty decent setup: a group goes to check out the spirits in a house where a woman murdered a group of people years ago. One in the group has a connection to the original murders and the story generally is pretty good, but I figured out how it would end about 2/3 of...
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    Gay-Friendly Blu-rays

    I'm going to have to check this out. Never heard of it.
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    The Horror Movie Appreciation Thread

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    The COVID Vaccination Thread

    Other than some soreness at the injection site, no other issues after my first Pfizer dose.
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    The Horror Movie Appreciation Thread

    I’ve heard so much about this! The scariest and most disturbing found footage film EVER! It wasn’t. Most of the gore and disturbing acts occur offscreen. The movie is part documentary, part found footage. Far too many of the “doc” actors are pretty bad and unbelievable. This film’s reputation...
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    The COVID Vaccination Thread

    My site was an old Kmart store in suburban Chicago. The HUGE check-in/registration area was manned by army personnel, nurses did the injections and a room for any emergency reactions was set up. My appointment was at 1pm. Got there at 12:37, checked in and vaccinated by 12:57. Probably a steady...
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    The COVID Vaccination Thread

    I also got my first Pfizer dose today! My second is scheduled for 4/17. I've heard some minor side effects after the second dose. Without reading all 500+ posts, what might I expect?
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    Jessica Walter, star of Play Misty For Me and The Group died

    Arrested Development! The original three seasons are far superior to the reboot on Netflix. She is HYSTERICAL in it! It stars Jason Bateman, Portia DeRossi, Henry Winkler, Liza Minelli and more, narrated by Ron Howard.