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    Selling my DVD collection, 205 Titles

    I am interested with these dvd: (i have paypal $$$) Spirited Away American Wedding Bad Boys 2 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:CC Jerry Maguire (if it is 2 discs edition) Lion King Shanghai Knights Sleeping Beauty There Something More About Mary Please let me know. Thanks Erick
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    My DVDs to trade...

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    Dvd Trade List

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    Dvds & Vhs titles for sale...

    YGM for Peter Pan
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    FS: Scarface Deluxe Gift Set - Sealed

    Deleted by Administrator; please review the rules of the For Sale section.
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    "The Silence of the Lambs" Criterion for trade for other Criterion

    Are you interested with Withnail and I:CC w/ poster
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    FT:Few OOPs DVD

    Hi Randy, i already have Silly Symphonies. I also sold my rain man too. Thanks for the offer
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    FS: DVD Zealed

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    FS: DVD Zealed

    Good Day! i have some few brand new dvds still sealed. The price is $12 each. Shipping is $2.5 for the first dvd and $1 for additional title. The Lizzie McGuire Movie - WS/FS (UPC:8693622357)*TRADED* The Emperor's New Clothes - WS (UPC: 9736340814) Serving Sara (Biligual Cover) -...
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    FT:Few OOPs DVD

    Sorry Randy but i already those dvds. Thanks for the offer
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    FT:Few OOPs DVD

    Well these are the Special Edition. I am not sure if there is second release. You Only Live Twice features: - Theatrical trailer(s) - Audio Commentary featuring Director Lewis Gilbert and members of the Cast and Crew - Inside You Only Live Twice Documentary - Silhouettes - The James Bond...
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    BoB, Disney Tins, PDL, rare LDs, etc for trade. . .

    I am interested with BOB and ET. Please check my thread. I could also add some $$$ (Paypal). Let me know Thanks
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    FT:Few OOPs DVD

    I have these following OOPs dvd to trade, all dvds are mint condition and Region 1. Pplease don't be shy to make an offer. I have: Gettysburg Diamonds are Forever You Only Live Twice Relax...Its Just a Sex! Rain Man *Brand New* Jungle Book *Brand New* *** Lady and the Tramp ***...