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    Talk me out of buying an Oppo BDP-93

    I recently bought a used BDP-80, as I'm simply using it as a transport.
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Smokey and the Bandit -- in Blu-ray

    I have a fond memory of my parents taking us kids to the (now closed) drive-in in Minot, ND. It was a double feature. Grease, followed by Hooper. Those were the days.
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    Looking to replace a 65" CRT

    If you were looking to replace your Toshiba with something of similar size, plasma is probably your best option. If you have a light-controlled theater room, you owe it to yourself to demo projector technology. Digital projectors, LCD, LCoS, and DLP have all come a long way in the past few...
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    Pioneer CLD-M90

    Once you open it, you'll want to leave it off! Kind of like being able to see a record change in an old jukebox. It makes for a great conversation starter.
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    Pioneer CLD-M90

    I've had an M-401 since '94. My first one made it through 1 side of the first movie. My second is still going 17 years later. If you get the chance, remove the top. It works nothing like a carrousel. A square turns and slides on a track, spins and moves out to the cd, picks it up and drops it in...
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    Which is the better Laserdisc Player - Pioneer LD-707 or the Pioneer CLD-S201?

    Many people like the 201 because 1. It is newer and not likely to have dried or worn out parts. and 2. It was an entry-level player, and many like that because it had no "digital processing" or other "enhancements" that may have been "state-of-the-art" in the mid '90s, but are drawbacks today...
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    Any database of Netflix "rental" versions?

    I'm not big on most DVD and Blu Ray extras. In fact, I can't remember when I watched the second disc in a multi-disc release. However, I've always loved director commentaries, and I think WB's "Maximum Movie Mode" is a pretty cool use of Blu Ray. More and more, I'm receiving bare bones...
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    USHE Announcement: Battlestar Galactica (2004) The Complete Series Box Set (REPACKAGED)(Blu-ray)

    Piked it up Wednesday for $179.94 from buy.com.
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    Denon AVR-2310CI or Onkyo TX-SR707 or something better? in the $600 range

    I have the Swan Divas 6.1's C3 Center R3 Surrounds Single 2.1 rear center HSU VTF 3.1 sub-All Rosewood I bought the 2310 a couple weeks ago and could not be happier. Audissey is amazing!
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    Amazon Deal of the Day is "The Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection" $106 on July 24, 2

    Beat me to it! Watched my last holiday sci-fi marathon. i could not pass up this deal! Could someone tell me approx. how many episodes include commentary tracks? i can't wait. ej
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    Futurama returning?!?!

    I would tune in, curl up with a box of kleenex, and just have a good long cry :) Seriously...as a fan with every DVD and listened to every commentary, there is no chance this will fly. i still hope and think, it's just one long negotiation.
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    The 90 minute rule.

    And I'm sure if Bob Evans and Coppolla were to present their case, they would have gotten my seal of approval!
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    The 90 minute rule.

    I think people are taking this too seriously. It was just a tounge-in-cheek comment. Of course movies should be long enough to tell their story. I just think some are needlessly long. That's all.
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    Lethal Weapon 5 !

    I remember I was visiting a friend who was a student at Full Sail recording studios in Orlando around '91. We watched them blow up a building for Lethal Weapon 3. Seems like yesterday!
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    The 90 minute rule.

    Then I guess it would make me no different than most producers in Hollywood!