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    Very Minimal Sub Response...

    another thing to check is the phase. If you amp has a phase switch try changing it back and forth. I was getting a giant null around 60 hz. with my sub. I changed the phase and it went to about a 5 dB null, enough that I could smooth out with the parametric EQ on the amp.
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    Wood Veneer...who's done it?

    I've done some veneering with both the peel & stick kind and the thin papar backed. While more time consuming, I think the paper backed gives a better end result and has better adhesion to MDF. To apply the glue (regular contact cement) I just used an old paint brush to smooth it out. I've...
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    O Audio 500W BASH vs PE 500w

    As far as turning the crossover on/off I'm pretty sure that if you use the LFE input on the amp it will bypass the crossover circuitry. I have the 500 watt and couldn't be happier with it. I use the LFE and have my receiver set at 80 hz, so I don't know for sure.
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    Tempest endtable (pics!) - not too safe for dial up.

    Looks beautiful. I don't really see how you could improve it
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    Finished the sub, well almost

    yup, the PR has less travel than the distance between the blocks and the basket or spider, so unless they come loose they won't crash
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    Finished the sub, well almost

    Well, time to resurrect an old thread. I ended up ordering an old b-stock lambda PB-12 to pacify me until the AV-12's become available. So far it sounds excellent. I borrowed a friends SPL meter and was able to get 109 dB at 20 Hz. I think I could push it a little further, but I don't want...
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    SVS 25-31CS Subwoofer for sale in TX (prefer local pickup)

    do you still have the amp for sale?
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    Intrigued by DIY

    I would also give the Eros MKII from www.speakerbuilder.net They look like a great set of speakers and are around your price. I think they will most likely be the next set that I build for myself.
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    Input Labeling on Pioneer VSX-1014?

    nope, you arent missing anything. Its not an option with the 1014
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    Receiver control output

    My receiver (pioneer 1014) has a control in and output. The manual says that it is used for adding other pioneer products and using 1 remote to control them all. Does anyone know what kind of signal this puts out? I am working on a gainclone and was wondering if I would use this to turn the...
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    how good is the pioneer VSX-1014 going to be compared to the elite.....

    When you did this did you have 2 sets of wires going to each speaker? Looking in the manual it says when you bi-amp you need to run a second set of wires from the surround back terminals to your speakers. The speakers also need to be bi-ampable, you have to remove the metal strip connecting...
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    how good is the pioneer VSX-1014 going to be compared to the elite.....

    I clicked it into bi-amp mode without adding any wire and noticed no difference, even at higher volumes.
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    how good is the pioneer VSX-1014 going to be compared to the elite.....

    Seems to me that doing this would create a direct short and fry the amp. If anybody has tried it does it work? I would like to try it out if it works. Running 2 amps in parallel should also double the impedence that the amp sees, so it would be easier to drive 4 ohm speakers.
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    DIY amp for kit 281s

    Jordan, I am in the same boat as you, looking for a DIY amp to run some 4 ohm speakers. I'm leaning to the gainclone kit from www.chipamp.com when it becomes available again. I'm going to order 2 kits to run 2 chips per channel. There is a spreadsheet available from National that will give...
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    proper ohm load

    I had a Denon 1601 a while back and it was rated down to 6 ohms. I have 4 ohm speakers and it worked for a while but then quit one day for good. 6 ohm should be fine but I wouldn't go any lower with a low end receiver. On the back of the receiver it should say what ohm speakers to hook up by...