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    WTB Paradigm v.2 atoms - black

    No one with a pair of these they've been meaning to sell? :frowning:
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    WTB Paradigm v.2 atoms - black

    Looking for a used set of atoms or possibly Titans to match the rest of my v2 Paradigm performance line setup. Don't have to be in perfect cosmetic condition as long as they still perform well.
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    Arrrgh! A Blu-Ray give-a-way!

    Thanks Adam! My disc arrived last week and it looks amazing! Just got into blu-ray so it's nice to have something to add to my tiny but growing collection.
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    *** Official OPEN WATER Discussion Thread

    Just rented this DVD. I thought it was fantastic. A little rocky at the start as you get used to the low budget feel, but you get used to it. Personally I found most of the things people complain about as strengths. But I tend to be a minimalist when it comes to movies. A lot of people think the...
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    Band Of Brothers...?

    I never ever buy a DVD without seeing the film first. I bought this set unseen, and I have never regretted it. Along with Das Boot, easily the best war movie/series ever made. Better story, and much better characters than Private Ryan of which I'm also a huge fan.
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    Future of Sony SA-WM40?

    Great. Now I'm tempted to grab a second one and I really can't afford it right now.
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    Future of Sony SA-WM40?

    I see Best Buy has these on clearance? Is Sony discontinuing this model?
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    Projector table vs ceiling mount

    I have a Sony HS10. It is currently roughly 13' from the screen, located in the center of the room at a height of roughly 5'. The room is quite large, at 13' the projector is roughly in the center of the room. I think what I am envisioning is perhaps a stand in the center of the room containing...
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    Projector table vs ceiling mount

    I'm currently trying to decide whether my projector is going to rest on a table in the middle of the room, or whether ot ceiling mount it. Due to my room setup (heat duct along the ceiling) it would be much more convenient to keep in on the floor. I'd be curious to hear what solutions others...
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    Piece of Cake DVDs, any reviews?

    I see the British miniseries Piece of Cake has made it's way to DVD. Has anyone seen any reviews or purchased these DVDs who could comment on the quality?
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    Running Movies

    Does Daniel Day-Lewis ever stop running in Last of the Mohicans?
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    Who Didn't Win an Oscar Who Should Have?

    I've written off the Oscars since it's rather like if you were watching the Superbowl and the clock ran out with the score 20-17 and the team with 17 points getting the title because heck they've been playing hard for the past few seasons and they sure deserve one by now, or no team in their...