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    WB Farewell broadcast - Anyone tuning in?

    I haven't watched a Buffy episode in almost a year.(i sold my sets) Definitely will watch this.
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    The WWE™

    does anyone here with dish network's DVR service know if you can record the ecw ppv with their DVr or is there any blocking? I only want to order it if I can record it.
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    Any hope of Buena Vista releasing the early 90s X-Men animated series?

    I wish they would release this and the Spider-Man toon. BV are crazy for not doing so.
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    LOST season 2 discussion thread......

    Technically Desmond wasn't originally in the hatch, he's just one of many people to press the button over the years.
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    Product Placement in TV shows -The NEW commercial

    The AOL ad all over this week's Smallville was totally unbearable.
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    WB and UPN to merge into one network

    Jesse, I read that Fox owned affiliates have removed their UPN/WB bug from broadcasts. I also read that they're cutting money to advertise the shows in sweeps(radio and print ads).
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    WB and UPN to merge into one network

    For those hoping syndication to return click here
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    WB and UPN to merge into one network

    Whats WC stand for? I've heard that joke all over but don't get it.
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    The WWE™

    According to IMDB "Is an accomplished break dancer, a skill used in a TV trailer for Summerslam 2004". "Grew up in the Washington DC area and often worked as a bouncer at many clubs in the area." "Got into wrestling after meeting Road Warrior Animal & Curt Hennig at a body building show in...
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    LOST season 2 discussion thread......

    I thought Desmond was Irish?
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    LOST season 2 discussion thread......

    Michael was acting very weird in this episode. Maybe he has the sickness? They said using the computer for communication will lead to another incident.
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    The WWE™

    So..those of us with DVR and alot of patience(and no life ;) ) can now pause at the split second before the screen went black tonight.
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    does anyone know when the info comes out on how much it sold or any good places to look for that data?
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    Growing Up Gotti: TV has gone down to a whole new low.

    Thank the lord.
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    Alias Season 5 ongoing thread

    Oh Shit! Damn! Wow!(all I could say while watching Alias tonight)