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    been out of the game for a while, in need of a new receiver

    I am looking to upgrade my HK7200 to a HD receiver. Any bargains out there that are close to the power and quality of the HK7200?
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    My HDM Impressions... One Month Later

    As soon as I get my free ones I will post the results. Have both systems and prefer my PS3 for an all in one machine with minimum cables. Every BR so far has been perfect. 30 in my library. Broke down and bought the HD sampler to check out my A2 and it played fine. I will not invest in any HD...
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    PS3 and HD Player VS. Samsung Combo Player

    Thats what I did and am happy so far. Time will tell but I do have the PS3 60 version and have not heard any bad things about the other 3 versions. Wireless internet and media readers are not that important to most people and the 40 version may be the way to go and the cheapest. Have not bought...
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    PS3 and HD Player VS. Samsung Combo Player

    AVS Forum Linear or Bitstream sound...need a geek to help me with this. - PLAYSTATION®3 General - PlayStation.com Forums Bitstream is basically the PS3 sending audio signal directly to the reciever and the reciever decodes it. Linear PCM is the PS3 decoding it, then sending the...
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    PS3 and HD Player VS. Samsung Combo Player

    Hey, thats info that would be nice to have. Got a link man so I can read up. Thanks man. What is lost? I am getting all 6 channels. What am I missing?
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    PS3 and HD Player VS. Samsung Combo Player

    The PS3 does bitstream on all my DVDs and BRs. Are you talking about CDs? Have not tried a CD yet.
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    ps3 problem...cant access the main menu

    I could not get a complete audio signal on PCM/I had to use bitstream with my optical cable to my receiver. Remember there are several settings in the PS3 menu for audio if you have one. Always try the highest resolution first for your video settings and leave it there if it works. Some have an...
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    Officially format neutral today

    Me too! Price and quality talk. Everything else walks.
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    Toshiba HD-A3?

    Agree, jump in 4 times. Bought several A2s for presents to my children even though I am a BR fan. At $99 with 5 free ones this is a no brainer.
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    ps3 problem...cant access the main menu

    we have all been there and wore that shirt several times. LOL Try getting your sound options set correct after a major FW update. ARGH!
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    New HDTV owner, hardware buy questions

    Ditto//// I use my PS3 all the time. I can not say how long it will last, but ask me 2 years from now. LOL PS/most players have mounting restrictions the PS3 does not have. You don't even see it next to my black TV vertically mounted.
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    Should I do it?

    For that price I got both also. LOL
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    PS3 and HD Player VS. Samsung Combo Player

    I bought one of each format but prefer my PS3 for everyday use. I think you will find that if you shop the sales you can get one of each cheaper and that will allow you to add a second BR/HD TV in another room. Working on my 3rd 1080P TV and I have the 46/2500 Sony as well as the Sharp 52". I...
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    Official Playstation 3 Blu-Ray player Thread

    The PS3 does a better job than my A2 for upscaling also. Before Sony did the UPconvert FW drop we were all watching in 480 or something and it was fine.