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    Does any keep thier equipment boxes?

    For all of the above stated reasons, i too keep my box's. BTW......Mid 70's equipment ;)
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    Need help in Selecting Speakers for my Two Story Living Room.

    Kumar: I also have a 18'x18' living room. However the difference is, mine is a open floor plan with a loft above. I had my own sonic issues to deal with. I have a long term goal too, but for now i've had to use what i already have speaker wise. 4 - Polk RT-3's small 2-way bookshelf 1...
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    Ordering a reciever from Crutchfield

    Iv'e bought many things from Crutchfield's and as it's been said: they have top notch service and you would be hard pressed to find better.:emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: As far as the scratch and dent thing, i have no experiece in that dept. Just giving my 2 cents worth on the service. :)
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    How many powered subs do you have RUNNING in your HT?

    Geoff: You already know what i have, hell you set it up. Had to make you do something for me when i built my house last year ( just kidding ). But for the rest of you: 2 - A/R SW-30 sealed (powered) subs. You also know i want MORE, MORE, MORE.........Like i told the heating and cooling...
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    And here I was recommending audiogon...

    Robert_G : I do the same when buying and take it one step further, i pay the extra to make them sign for the money order.... I have bought many audio items off ebay with no problems yet ( thank god )... The only issue is feedback, alot of sellers ( and buyers ) don't follow threw with it...
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    Black or Silver?

    Who knows where the industry is going to go in the long run. Have we forgotten that the standard in the 70's to early 80's was brushed aluminum? I've waited sooooo long for it's return, so that i could upgrade. Craig: With all due respect..... Brushed aulminum lose it's value, i don't think...
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    Black or Silver?

    I haven't lost that loving feeling for silver yet....:angry: My 5.1 system utilizes 11 components, all of them silver. 8 of the 11 are 20+ years old. Any upgrades will also be silver..... I've seen some pretty impressive black systems. However, never seen a black and silver combo that looked...
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    Initial thoughts..........Wharfedale Valdus 500's

    Michael- Keep the info comming........ I have considered the Valdus as a possiable replacement for my Polks (fronts). I listen to 2 channel more then HT and the polks are RT3's (bookshelf). Nothing wrong with that as i run 2-sealed subs. In a nut shell: Looking for alittle more punch without...
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    Polk people, Need *Exact* Center model# match for RT3's

    Geoff Thought i might add, the tech from Polk said the CS 245i would be a real good match. He did not give another model #...... I did ask for all that would match for my RT3's. Yes it's your brother, i did it...