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    International Get Carter BFI 4K UHD & Blu-ray

    At last! Someone who's opinion of the film chimes with mine.
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    Your thoughts on Kino-Lorber Blu-rays

    I don’t know why Time Out of Mind has been so neglected over the years. For some reason it’s never been released on DVD but sound and picture quality on KL’s Blu-ray is excellent. The film has lush production values and is well directed by Robert Siodmak with fluid camera work and excellent...
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    Aspect Ratio Documentation

    The early Bond films were all 1.85:1 for U.K., not 1.75:1. Please see my post above with images from Kine Weekly.
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    Aspect Ratio Documentation

    Kine Weekly has no aspect ratio listed for Hound of the Baskervilles. The Curse of Frankenstein is listed as being filmed in Hammerscope. Presumably, either an error or was initially intended to be in Hammerscope.
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    Aspect Ratio Documentation

    Kine Weekly lists Dr. No, From Russia With Love and Goldfinger as being filmed for 1.85:1.
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    Barabbas HELP !!!!!!!!!

    I’d say Julius Caesar is the most likely candidate from Warner’s point of view. A far more prestigious film than the others mentioned, with wide appeal; Mankiewicz; Shakespeare; Brando. Very highly praised -the film even received a 70mm reissue.
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    International The Discreet Charm of The Bourgeoisie (1972) 4K disc release.

    I have this and frankly I don't like it. It is much darker than the previous Blu-ray. I saw the film when it was first released theatrically. I don't claim to know exactly what it looked like but I don't recall it being so dark.
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    Blu-ray Review Blue Skies Blu-ray Review

    Sorry, no. I’m still waiting to ensure the corrected version will be sent from retailers like rarewaves.
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    Barabbas HELP !!!!!!!!!

    I'm not willing to wait for something which may never happen, so I'm perfectly content to buy existing Blu-rays of BARABBAS, LORD JIM. EL CID etc. and have something better then the DVD versions, even if not up to the best they could ideally be on the format. Packaging and extras are also a...
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    International BFI release of Mary, Queen Of Scots (1971)

    Thank you but I don't pretend to understand that, especially in view of this piece from In70mm which seems to say the 70mm exemption from the quota encouraged the use of 70mm blow-ups: British Quota: There was situation peculiar to Britain which favored the use of 70mm prints. The "British...
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    International BFI release of Mary, Queen Of Scots (1971)

    I never saw THE COBOYS theatrically but I've often wondered about that. How many theaters played it as a roadshow with intermission? Very few I imagine.
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    International BFI release of Mary, Queen Of Scots (1971)

    Curiously, Mary, Queen of Scots seems to have had only one 70mm showing in the UK at the Odeon Leicester Square for the Royal Film Premiere. I don't know whether that had an intermission but after that one showing subsequent showings were 35mm. I didn't see it at the Odeon but saw it on general...