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    Disney Shows That would make a great Season releases

    I'd buy The Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmations and Aladdin. My daughter loved all of those. She still watches them occasionally.
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    Disney: No more straight-to-DVD sequels

    That's too bad. Most of those suck but the kids sure like 'em. Pocahontas II, The Little Mermaid II, Cinderella II and III and Hunchback II are some of my daughter's favorite movies.
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    DVD Review HTF Review: Sliver (Unrated)

    I remember reading or hearing back around the release of this movie that he did, in fact, have a full frontal nude scene. However, it was cut due to his being...um...well..shall we say less than impressive. Of course, I have no idea if that's true. Just something I heard way back when.
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    Reese Witherspoon passes Julia Roberts...

    It would seem that the studio writing Ms. Witherspoon a $29 million check would disagree. :) Good for her. She's talented, attractive and apparently can put butts in the seats.
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    Basic Instinct sequel back on?

    I wish Jerry Goldsmith were around to score it as well. Though, he is credited for "Themes" for BI2 at IMDB. I'm excited for this. Sharon is almost 15 years older but she looks good. Judging by the trailer, she really seems to have recaptured Catherine.
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    Star Trek Price Drop

    Still too high, IMO. I guess I'm just older and wiser and poorer, because I once paid $200 for a limited edition (1,000 copies) of the 25th Anniversary movie set on VHS (the one in the red box with the certificate signed by Shatner). These days, I'm just not gonna plunk down $50/season.
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    Laserdiscs for sale (DTS, Star Wars, AC-3, others)

    Apollo 13 is not DTS.
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    SW faces LD plus others plus Pioneer player

    FedEx Ground is almost $10 cheaper for that (before insurance). I use that exclusively for shipping now and don't regret switching from UPS one single bit.
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    Police Squad

    I can confirm that it was indeed CBS and they aired in the summer of '91, as a companion to The Naked Gun 2 1/2. I used to have two VHS cassettes with all six episodes recorded in SP. Long since lost after several moves, though. Very much looking forward to this DVD set.
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    Laserdiscs for sale (DTS, Star Wars, AC-3, others)

    Nathanael, I responded to your e-mail several days ago. Let me know if you didn't get it, by chance. Also, list updated with solds/pendings.
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    Please stop with the clapping...

    One of my favorite moments ever at the movies was the midnight showing of Star Trek VI on Dec. 6, 1991. It was the last showing on opening day and I had twice driven 40 miles to see it. The earlier showing had sold out and I had to come back. When Scotty found and killed the would-be...
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    Laserdiscs for sale (DTS, Star Wars, AC-3, others)

    Here's some info about the obi strip. http://home.q03.itscom.net/nsa/obi.htm I'd be willing to ship to Australia, however the flat shipping rate quoted above would not apply, of course. I'd have to find out the actual shipping rate. If you'd like to PM or e-mail me your address...
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    Paramount and the Trek Collective sets (Joke)...

    My personal pick for worst TNG is "Shads of Gray", which has already been mentioned. Coming in second would probably be "Code of Honor" or "Hide and Q".
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    Hughes HDVR2 DirecTV DVR with TiVo for sale

    Forgot to mention that I can take CC or bank-funded PayPal funds.