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    Denon avr-2805 review

    I've got one question not answered by the review:Will it do bas management and will the auto eq settings work through the m/c inputs?(for sacd-dvda)That seems the only area denon lags behind some other companies.(HK for example)I understand the reasoning behind keeping the sound "pure" but it...
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    Room setup and EQ

    any more info,Steve?What auto eq have you used? And do you think its slowly filtering down to other components?(like pre/pros?)
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    Room setup and EQ

    A related question then:Are there any standalone auto eq options?I know of the SOS but that only corrects one freq. if I'm not mistaken?How about multiband auto EQ?
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    Looking for a pre/pro-sites for info?

    thanks for the kind response.
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    Looking for a pre/pro-sites for info?

    Is there someway to get a list of various pre/pros features and an overview of various ones?There are two features that I must have-BM through the M/C inputs and EQ,preferably auto.Auto EQ seems to be getting almost standard in mid=priced rec. but not pre/pros,while even the manf. sites of...
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    Anything better than the Paradigm Atoms for < $180/pr?

    Titans are, what,80 more a pair? I think they'd be worth the extra money,at least for mains.But I'm biased-my first ht was titans, with atoms for rears,and the center-all for $560.And even though that wouldn't even buy 1/2 of one speaker of what I use now,sometimes I miss those...
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    Small floor standing speaker shootout...

    I thought the test was based on finding the best system for $1000,but perhaps I misunderstood.But if I'm right,it follows the 550 has to be run without a sub because it would push it over the price mark.Of course it would sound better with a properly setup sub.In fact I find that the most...
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    Small floor standing speaker shootout...

    craig:Great job as always.Very informative and entertaining,not easy to do.How do you compare the 550's to the 750's?I'm just curious as they are running the trade in sale now which would make the 750's cost less than the 550's for me,with trade in.I'm just curious,as I'm pretty happy with my...
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    Subwoofer Optimizer System

    Is there a behringer unit with the same automated features at a comparable price?Does anyone else make one similiar to the sos?
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    Do I have to live with the Rattles?

    I have faux wood panelling over drywall in my basement ht-and that rattles during loud passages(Fight Club,ROTK)Is there anything relatively simple and cheap I can do about it? Will an isolation platform help with that? I guess another way to say it-Is the wall rattling from the movement of air...
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    Thread from the Axiom forums, "Hsu STF-2, Hsu VTF-3, and SVS PB1+"

    Wait a minute...RTR?The first speakers I ever bought were a pair of 240d's,from a cop who was making too much money,way back in the 70's.I was just a teenager,he sold them for $200.You know anything about those,Craig?I think I still have them stored somewheres.I'm prety sure thats the model #..
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    I can hardly wait

    I'm in a similiar situation-just got my sub and in the euphoria of the moment said my system is complete.My wife wants it in writing...
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    Help me decide between SVS PB1-ISD vs HSU VTF 2 or 3 MKII

    I was in the same situation and finally went with the vtf-3 mainly because of the price.Getting free shipping closed the deal for me.My room is 28x14x7.5 and the sub fills it effortlessly.With both my wife and me on the sectional and the vtf-3 about 8 ft away the whole couch shakes during the...
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    sub reference level

    Wow...I've never had a question or concern addressed better than the replies to this thread.Thanks for all the info.(incidentally,I've found I watch films loud-at about -5 below reference.But mucic is much lower-at about -15 to -20 is a comfortable volume.I'm thinking film level is so high...
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    sub reference level

    yes,very well done and a million thanks,Your kind,concise response is probably more than my question deserved and very helpful.thanks again