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    Two different cases for SNOW WHITE Blu-ray...I bought the wrong one!

    The OP is not clear on which case is the "right one" - the Blu-ray standard-sized case or the DVD standard-sized case?
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    SUPERNATURAL - Season 3

    I know he'll eventually get out of his soul-selling contract (this is a TV show afterall and he's one of the stars), but I still want to see "how" he does it. (So far, the show has not given away an "out clause" they can use).
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    SUPERNATURAL - Season 3

    This last episode (which is the last of the "in the can" bunch :frowning: ) was pretty good, although yet another play on a movie, this time the original Assault on Precinct 13. Still a good storyline development with the introduction of Lilith setting up the upcoming episodes now in production.
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    The AFI 100 Years List for 2008...

    They omit the Horror genre, yet include the Sports genre even though there are far more great Horror films than there are great Sports films, plus the total of Sports films ever made is pretty small compared to most genres (especially Horror).
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    Manhattan & The Apartment

    On Woody Allen's films, I'd just be happy with an anamorphic transfer of Annie Hall (I still don't understand why his most famous film got arguably the worst transfer of the bunch.)
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    Favorite television edit of a movie's dialogue?

    In The Jerk, the dog's name of "Shithead" was dubbed to "Stupid"
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    *** Official SUNSHINE Discussion Thread

    The July 20th date is a limited release. It doesn't go wide until July 27th from what I've heard. Also, this weekend Richard Roeper listed it as one of the movies to be reviewed on "Ebert & Roeper" (or now more accurately "Roeper and guest-of-the-week") that'll be broadcast next weekend, so...
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    Wi-Fi question....

    Is there a "Repair" option under your connection's properties? If so, that'll re-establish your connection.
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    Supernatural Season 2

    Reminder that there's a new episode tonight (after yet another month off).
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    Anyone heard William Shatner's hilarious rendition of LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS?

    Here it is... Shatner singing "Rocket Man" in 1978 (before even he was in on the joke and became a self-parody): Stewie from Family Guy singing "Rocket Man" Shatner-style: :laugh:
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    New Kubrick SE's

    And that makes sense. So for standard TV formats (VHS, LD), release the films framed for the 4:3 format. But for widescreen TV formats (DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-ray), release the films framed for either 16:9 or 1.85:1 format. .
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    Choose The Best Summer Movie Season ('89-'06)

    And also from 1982... Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid Rocky III The Road Warrior (a 1981 film in Australia, but its U.S. theatrical wide release was on 21 May 1982) And two of the most popular movies in the Sword & Sorcery genre, besides Conan, came out in the Summer Movie season of 1982: The...
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    *** Official THE DESCENT Discussion Thread

    You guys really need to use spoiler tags, particularly for a movie like this. And the U.S. and U.K. endings are drastically different. For anyone who only saw the U.S. ending, the U.K. ending is viewable here to see what we missed. (I think this original ending was much, much better) .
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    Which DLP RPTV do you recommend

    What resolution are you looking for: 720p or 1080p? What screen size?
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    Pretty good sale prices at Circuit City

    Looks like CC is possibly bringing some of its prices in-line with BrandsMart. The price for the 60" SXRD is the same as BrandsMart's, and the one for the 50" SXRD beats BrandsMart by a few hundred buck.