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    DVD ETC. MAGAZINE POLL: "The Top 100 DVDs of All Time"

    My Top Ten: 1. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring-Extended Cut- The best DVD out on the market. Everything on this 4 disk set suports what DVD is all about. From a great DTS and DD5.1 soundtrack to a overload of extras of wealth and depth, this is the highwater mark for DVD. 2. Fight...
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    Thanks, MGM, for the great Midnight Movies...but don't forget BURN WITCH BURN!

    yeah I'm hoping that also sooner or latter they put out Witchfinder General*UNCUT please* and Blood on Satan's Claw
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    Universal DVD requests

    I'm still after a People Under the Stairs and Prince of Darkness SE...and does anyone know if a UE of Brotherhood of the Wolf is coming out...
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    CRITERION: What about DVD's of these laser releases...

    yeah I second this list....I just hope that sooner or latter more companys will get off there asses and let Criterion redo some of the films that they had in there laser line...I'd love to get a hold of Trainspoting, Evita, and Bram Stokers Dracula...all of which came out as Criterion lasers...
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    FOX: Please release Wizards (1977) & Fire And Ice on DVD in OAR

    Yeah I'd love to see both of these films out on DVD...I still have my old Playhouse/Fox Laser of Wizards thats pan and crap so I'd love to see the film in it's OAR...but I wonder who owns the rights still to Fire & Ice...my old VHS is from RCA/Columbia but it states on IMDB that FOX made the...
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    Directors' One-Hit-Wonders

    Kevin Costner is the best example from this list along with the guy who made The Deer Hunter *even though I do like Year of the Dragon* he hasn't made a really good film after that...I'm adding to this list Guy Richie and Ken Russell...Richie made two good films then goes and makes Sweapt Away...
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    Warner THE DEVILS?

    I saw this film a couple of years ago and I must say that it has to be one of the best horror films I've ever seen...if WHV is going to make anyone happy they need to take and put the DVD out UNCUT...I think from what I've heard *I may be wrong* but the film is missing 10 or 15 minutes to it...
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    CRITERION: Great chat! Please consider these 'Wish List' titles

    this is an old post but still worth updating...Criterion is still one of the best in the DVD game *they got the rights to do a nice SE of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas which I never thought in a million years would happen!* yeah I got Shallow Grave about 4 months ago but would have loved to...
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    Columbia: What happened to Enigma?

    when I first read about Enigma coming to DVD it was listed as a SE then for some reason turned into a bare bones DVD...what did happen...and I'd have to agree that when I rented the DVD it looked like a washed out VHS copy of the film and not a DVD at all...lets hope that CTHV goes back and...
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    ***Official 3rd Annual HTF October Scary Movie Challenge***

    October 14th: I went and rented Inferno tonight, since I had seen Suspiria at last....Not at all on the level that Suspiria is...it deals with some of the same things that Suspiria did *it's said to be the second part of three films that deal witht he 3 mothers that was talked about in...
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    ***Official 3rd Annual HTF October Scary Movie Challenge***

    I'm pretty much game for this since a friend told me to head over here to this part of the board...for about 5 years I've watch one film a day from October 1st til the 31st....sometimes I've watch 2 or 3...but here is my list so far I'll * films that I've never seen before- October 1st: 13...
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    what TV shows need to be on DVD?

    ok here are the TV shows I'm holding out for on DVD.... Cheers Three's Company The Munsters Six Feet Under and if The WWE would be able to do it a best of year by year of both Raw and Smackdown in a 2-4 disk set of each year with the best matches of the year on the DVD's
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    Universal: Please release these movies on DVD

    more than anything from the lists that I see that needs to be out is Schindler's List in a SE box set...I want a Serpant and the Rainbow UE, People Under The Stairs UE, Prince of Darkness UE (they have a SE out in R2) and They Live! (also a SE in R2)
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    Warner Cardboard Box DVD Cases

    that should have said AREN'T about to become the norm....sorry guys;)
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    Warner Cardboard Box DVD Cases

    yeah WB needs to stop using the Sappners sometime soon...I very happy that New Line at last has stopped using them I hope....I also hope that the cases on Gresse and Panic Room are about to become the norm at all cause in my mind there far worse than the snappers are!