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    Aragon Paladium Amps

    I actually had my paladiums hot rodded and the rep told me about the preamp so i bought it. Its been years since i sold the amps but i may have the pre amp in the garage.
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    should I make this sub?

    I had a 12" IDMAX built for my home audio. the box was sealed. It played so damn low, that i ended up swapping subs to a IDQ12 v3. But dont let anyone tell you an IDmax wont be a good home sub. its pretty damn impressive. Just make sure you put a good amount of power to it.
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    how to break in new speakers

    what i do is this. I grab a CD with test tones and music, some sheffield CD. I play it and have the CD repeat. The i grab the speakers and face them face to face. really close to each other. Then i cover them up with thick, thick blankets. A couple if you have them. I then turn them up to a...
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    FS: Two SVS Cherry PB12-Ultra's..

    where you from?
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    All component video cables created equally?

    We measured by watching the same few scenes. 6 of us sat there and we all came to the same conclusion. Sorry i didn't do it with some special tool. But when 6 of us can instantly notice, a more brilliant picture by just changing cable, Its a pretty obvious that there is a difference in cables.
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    All component video cables created equally?

    I have had the chance to try out many different cables. I used 2 deifferent TV's and my own projector. I have tried a 61" marantz plasma, a 42" pioneer elite and my Marantz VP12S3 projector. I tried from the DVD player to the TV units. The DVD i used was a Arcam FMJ DV27A. I started out with a...
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    SVS subs versus any other brand

    The SVS is a great HT sub but not to musical in my personal taste. Try going with a Velodyne SPL or DD series. Another great sounding sub is the James EMB-1200. www.tmrmzine.com/ht20052.JPG
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    Need advice on receiver upto $2000 for B&W 804s + 805s

    Definately try the Arcam AVR-300. I just sold my aragon stage one and 2007 amp and bought the AVR300. Thats how good it sounds. www.tmrmzine.com/ht20052.JPG
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    Mirage OM-5

    I do happen to have the original boxes. If 1250 is to cheap, i can surely raise the price. :D www.tmrmzine.com/mr2
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    Mirage OM-5

    Well, its time to sell my speakers. I have moved to a smaller apartment that these speakers are just plain WAY to big for. They still sound absolutely amazing and i do not want to get rid of them. But, i need a smaller speaker to be able to enjoy my music. The only flaw in these is a cup mark on...
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    DSS into HTPC

    Is there a way to tivo Direct tv into my HTPC?
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    IDMAX in home

    I am friends with the guys over at Imagae Dynamics and let me tell you, they have a few IDmazes setup in their office for HT use and it is insane. Those guys over there are into some sick highend audio. The have a refrigerator sized sub that is the most musical sub i hae ever heard...
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    Velodyne SPL-1200 II - My impressions

    Thats a cool kit. I now have a MR Spyder. www.tmrmzine.com/mr2
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    Velodyne SPL-1200 II - My impressions

    That turbo came off of my Toyota truck. www.tmrmzine.com/truck Donald
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    Velodyne SPL-1200 II - My impressions

    i setup 2 DD15's at a clients house and OMG. Thats all i can say... OMG! I have a SPL1000 sub and its not only loud and powerful, its pretty musical too. Donald www.tmrmzine.com/ht20052.jpg