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    Chuck season 2

    GREAT GREAT episode. The band singing at the end was great. This show really knows how to close out an episode - with emotion and fun usually - each week to make the viewer really satisfied. I love this show .
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    Big Bang Theory - season 2

    I love this show ... Leonard: Sheldon, don't make that noise, it's disrespectful. Sheldon: I should hope so, it was a snort of derision!
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    The Bronx is Burning

    I think they are dead on. Especially Billy.
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    Big Love season 2 ongoing thread

    Very true ..
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    Entourage: Season Four

    I have to disagree with all those who don't like E. I think he plays a realistic part, and falls right in line with how friends would act and behave. Many times he's the straight man in many of the jokes/plotlines. But that is needed also, IMO. I have no issue at all with E and very much enjoy...
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    The Bronx is Burning

    This series has been really enjoyable and interesting to me. I think the portrayal of Steinbrenner is very good, and find the other pieces of the show fascinating. Finally original ESPN programming that I enjoy
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    John from Cincinnati - Season 1

    I'm enjoying every bit of this show, confusing as it is at times. The show has an odd attraction to it...
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    House, M.D. Season 3 Ongoing Thread

    I thought it was quite interesting. An unusual episode where a bad diagnosis killed a patient. A first for this show I believe. It was somewhat introspective compared to other episodes, but that was a good changup IMO. I really enjoyed it...
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    Entourage season 3 (Parts 1 and 2)

    It's already old ...
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    The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles

    I think the best candidate won. The finale was somewhat lame though. Also looked like it was raining onthe crowd during one of the last shots..
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    The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles

    Interesting. But I wonder why they were at a stage where there was a final task with 4 people left?
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    The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles

    Interesting. So no more tasks I suppose. Should be a different type of ending. I can't believe Nicole is still around. It's amazing that Trump let her hang around so long. Stefani looks like the winner to me, we'll see ..
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    Jericho ongoing thread

    Good points all. Well put.
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    Jericho ongoing thread

    Good episode. I loved that we got some dirt on Hawkins now, and some answers about the bombs. This definitely didn't need to be another LOST, where we just never seem to get real answers (The writing is not nearly as good as LOST to sustain that with this show), so this was satisfying in many...
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    The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles

    Thanks. That was an interesting read ..