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    Robot Combat League

    I thought it was lame... I hat to say it but I wasn't impressed at all. I agree with some of the other comments about it just not being the same. It almost looked fake at times.
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    Tell us what you will be doing when HTF is offline during our move and win some classic Blu-rays!

    Hitting refresh every 5 min until your back up.... :)
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    Blu-ray Review Death Race 3: Inferno Blu-ray Review

    Yeah by far the worse of the 3 and very disappointing.
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    Merry Christmas 2012!

    Happy Holidays!!
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    Paramount Archive Tour and lunch with the Home Video Team

    I was very impressed with all the props we where able to see. Storing all the items from these movies has to take up a lot of room. I also was impressed with the verity not just superstar movies but even those not well accepted (i.e. GI Joe). Here are some of the shots I took. This was...
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    Latest from Dolby Laboratories: Atmos and Advanced 96 Upsampling

    So I saw the Hobbit today in a Dolby Atmos theater. It was very cool, I think it showed itself well. My only comment was that the Hobbit didn't have a super aggressive soundtrack. Although I got so immersed I may have just missed it. :) Nice little gift on the way out....
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    Interview Universal Studios Monsters Collection Making the Invisible Man, Visible Again

    That was a great write up. I did like the King Kong part of the backlot I thought the 3D effects where pretty cool. The rest of the backlot really hasn't changed much. I thought going through the archives was very interesting. It is amazing when you think how much history was in arms reach when...
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    Latest from Dolby Laboratories: Atmos and Advanced 96 Upsampling

    This was one of my favorite stops mostly for the Atmos demo. Tomorrow I get to see the Hobbit in a theater equipped with Dolby Atmos and can't wait! I know people had issues with the glasses free TV. I really felt it was almost there I would use it in one of my non-primary TV's. It is always...
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    I'm Opening a Coffee Shop!

    I might be heading to Plano (my boss is there) at some point if so I'll take a drive over.
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    It's All Happening At The Zoo

    Great Shots!
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    3D Blu-ray Review Brave 3D Blu-ray Review

    This was a great Bluray! I enjoyed the movie a lot.
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    Wreck-It Ralph - quick review

    I thought this was a great movie and will probably take my kids to it next weekend. I thought the 3D was very well done.
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    I saw this movie a couple weekends ago I thought it was very well done and a very interesting twist on time travel. Just when you think the movie is going to end on a happy note... Well another twist occurs. I agree one of the best syfy movies in a while.