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    SIRIUSXM: Still Lazy After All These Years

    That's what I have been doing every year. You usually have to watch what they quote because the first number they give doesn't include the royalty charges.
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    SIRIUSXM: Still Lazy After All These Years

    Sinatra and Broadway channels are two of my favorites when I listen. That's just not often enough to justify even the negotiated rate.
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    SIRIUSXM: Still Lazy After All These Years

    I have had to negotiate an annual renewal rate every year for my car radio. I wouldn't pay anywhere near their normal rates, and it's marginal even with the best deals I can get. I only listened for short time periods when commuting or longer times when on a trip. Then I started listening...
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    Best Streaming Service w/High Quality Audio/Video? Possible Cord Cutter???

    I have been struggling with the same issues, except that right now I don't worry so much about audio (for reasons that I won't go into here now, I am currently stuck with the audio and speakers on my TV set for streaming services and live TV). I have been looking for a viable way to replace...
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    Contest: Win a copy of Terminator Dark Fate on UHD

    I would take all my clothes off to scare him away. Even a terminator couldn't handle looking at this 80 year old body.
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    Hardware Review Logitech Harmony Express Review: A Smarter Remote!

    Thanks for this review, Ron. I still use the Harmony 650, having stayed away from all the newer ones because I like all the hard buttons on the 650. Not having a numeric keypad was a show stopper for me on all the newer ones I looked at, plus the price is a winner on the 650. I'm getting too...
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    Filing Films in Your Collection (when titles start with numbers)

    With a few exceptions like box sets, my DVDs are pretty much on the shelf in the order I watched them. I don't assign a collection number until I watch them. With around 3K titles, any other way requires too much reorganization. If I want to find a DVD, I look it up in DVD Profiler to...
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    International UK releasing (5) Randolph Scott Westerns on Blu-ray.

    I bought these when they came out on DVD several years ago and haven't removed the shrink wrap yet. This was a nostalgic purchase -- they were popular during my college days when I liked westerns and some friends and I really liked Randolph Scott. I even stole the Buchanan name, and sometimes...
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    Don't Buy That new 4k TV

    Still in SC, Crawdaddy, but a lot has changed since the LA meet. I went back to school part time at U of SC later that year, and 10 years later got a degree in Media Arts with a Theatre minor. Had more than enough hours for a major in Theatre, but not some required courses that I didn't want...
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    Don't Buy That new 4k TV

    This comes under the heading of "I can't believe I did that", but I bought a Vizio M70-C3 that was delivered last Monday. I have enjoyed my Pioneer 64" CRT rear projection set for 11 or 12 years, and have been waiting on a digital technology that I really liked. I'm convinced that OLED will...
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    Win a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    Somewhere In Time
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    If anyone cares ... Deep Discount sale is on through June 20

    I have always used this sale to catch up on TV seasons, but it's a disappointment this time. Only 2 of the 5 seasons I want are on sale. Guess I won't be busting the budget for once.
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    Or, I just finished my first season and I'd be willing to sell it for $35 plus shipping. Includes the Best Buy bonus disc.
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    Time Life deal

    So where do these 15% and 20% deals come from? Time Life supposedly has exclusive distribution of this set for the first year.