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    Special Edition "Naming" Trend Foolishness

    Scarface: The What's Coming To You Edition Unbreakable: The Handle With Care Edition Never Say Never Again: The Never More Edition 8 Mile: The 12.87 Kilometer Edition The American President: State of the Union Edition Band of Brothers: The Marching Together Edition Blade: The Skating...
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    Star Trek DVD Movie Box

    It's only a bit of a repost. And I didn't see an answer there for ya. :frowning: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...=box+star+trek
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    Suggestion for Paramount regarding ST Nemesis CE.

    I have 'em all, and the big double disc box is what I need to show off Ric Easton's custom covers. Easier to line them up in a box than on a shelf. :) I'll keep watching ebay; there was a fellow who had the trays for DS9 tv sets, so perhaps they'll pop up. I'm surprised that you can't order...
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    Suggestion for Paramount regarding ST Nemesis CE.

    Me too. Anyone have any links? pointers? ebay vendors to watch?
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    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    1up says a new trailer came out at the beginning of February. Their current info page says "Release Date: 08/14/2005", so not really in tandem with the PSP (if it's accurate)...
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    DVD SPOT down?

    hmm... wonder if it's down again; can't connect this morning...
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    Neat Wonder Years Reunion on Justice League Unlimited DVD

    Kid stuff is an excellent episode; well worth a watch. Very fun.
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    Lord of the Rings-12 disc set. Where did it go?

    ooooo.... good question. Maybe they were waiting to note the Grammy awards for Shore's RotK work. :)
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    LOTR Slipcase Offer - Any Equivalent Offer for Canadians?

    Joseph J.D oh, poo. I got my Gift set from Amazon.ca, and there was no such coupon in my case (in the giftset box, or in the extended edition box). Did they send your cheque/money order back as well with the letter? I got a copy of the french offer form from a friend but I didn't send it in...
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    What DVD cataloging software is best?

    There's Another Thread over in the movies section too...
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    Camelot - audio problems corrected?

    Wouldn't mind a special edition of this. Have been reluctant to pick it up based on these reported issues...
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    software to catalog your dvd collection: Which one do you use?

    I stripped the UPCs from GF, and then imported them into DVDSpot; wasn't sluggish, and there were only a couple I had to add to my collection after the import; it imported 150+ titles ok from a basic CSV. It's by no means perfect (The 'Watched' category seems a bit odd, and I'm not sure I want...
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    software to catalog your dvd collection: Which one do you use?

    For those still looking around, Clay over at DVD Spot has updated their UI a little bit in the last week, it's now much improved. :) And the export to CSV (Excel compatible) format is handy if you worry about the death of a free service, or want something offline. Featurewise, of the free...
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    LOTR Slipcase Offer - Any Equivalent Offer for Canadians?

    If it's like the Jurassic Park offer in JP3, the box will be flat in an envelope, and you'll get to fold it together yourself. :)
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Return of the King Extended Cut - Absolutely Recommended

    Hmm... Good review so far, look forward to the rest. Regarding the flesh tones (please don't throw-up), it's interesting that in your Mary Poppins Review you noted It's interesting; how similar are the (possibly) unintentional orange/green shifts of Mary Poppins to the (plausibly) intentional...