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    Disney Club Interesting statement ---- does it mean????

    Song of the South was released on blu ray in Japan where it's in the public domain. Haven't seen a copy but a review stated it was from a 16mm print and included several extras. While I'm very, very skeptical that Disney will ever release it themselves, I suppose it's not a complete...
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    Rare Pilots for Sale

    Now if someone would just release the 1977 pilot for Bumpers, I'd be all in! :)
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    Scream Factory Press Release: King Kong Collector's Edition (1976) (Blu-ray)

    When I worked at DEG Studios in '86, the steel framework was lying out in the back of the studios but there wasn't anything really left of it by then.
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    Favorite Old School 70mm Cinemas

    The Uptown in Washington, DC. They frequently had 70mm festivals there and can't remember how many great films I saw...Blade Runner, Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, Bridge on the River Kwai, Alien, Star Wars ('77, original run)...
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    Scream Factory Press Release: King Kong Collector's Edition (1976) (Blu-ray)

    I worked in the miniatures department at DEG Studios back in '86 when they were shooting King Kong Lives and on a lunch break I and a couple of other friends from the shop were futzing around on the back lot and we found a pile of debris that had been dumped over the fence into a vacant lot. We...
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    TV Movie Titles We'd Unlikely See on Blu-Ray or DVD for That Matter...

    I was dropping in to mention Daughter of the Mind but SIBIE beat me to it! :) While I'm heppy to have the two MFTV movies of the Night Stalker on blu-ray, I'd love to have the series on blu, also.
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    A Few Words About A few words about…™ Diary of a Mad Housewife – in Blu-ray

    The Kino blu ray was a Day 1 for me. The grain is very present and it's clear no DNR was used, which I respect. That having been said, I think I prefer the HD version that appeared for streaming earlier in the year; it looks as sharp as the blu ray but the grain isn't as noticeable. I also...
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    Best 4K Blu-ray player (is Dolby Vision worth $250)?

    Unfortunately, it appears that there's no option for running a non-converted PAL signal straight out. After googling around, I can't find any of the various dealers who offer the player for sale mentioning this as an option on their product. Whether this is a hardware limitation or something...
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    Best 4K Blu-ray player (is Dolby Vision worth $250)?

    I haven't gone too deep into the weeds on the player's capabilities but so far, it appears to be doing all conversions natively. The first disc I threw at it was the BBC DVD of Private Schulz which, considering it was shot in the early 80s on SD and was playing back on an SD DVD, looked pretty...
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    TV cuts of films with deleted scenes.

    I know a few folks asked for the TV bits to be included when it was initially announced on their FB page so I'm assuming they at some point had some knowledge of it. Whether they could even get the footage or if it was too late in the mastering process to include it, I don't know. But honestly...
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    TV cuts of films with deleted scenes.

    The Warriors (1979) featured an opening daytime scene on the Coney Island pier as well as numerous tweaks and trims throughout the film. I have a fan edit I found online that's a great hybrid of the TV version and the original theatrical cut (and it includes none of those terrible comic...
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    Best 4K Blu-ray player (is Dolby Vision worth $250)?

    I recently bought a Sony X800 on eBay for $400 that had been modified for all regions and both PAL & NTSC and this thing is outstanding. It's in the kitchen hooked to a 43" Insignia and even sitting within a foot of the player, I rarely hear any noise when the drive spins up with a 4k disc...
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    WKRP In Cincinnati: The Complete Series Review (See Posts #218 & 356 for Info)

    A ha! Thanks for the link. The only version I remembered hearing was with Browne and I saw no mention of that song on the edits list. Though I watched the show religiously during it's first run (as well as subsequent syndications), this switch slipped past me.I find it interesting that instead...
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    WKRP In Cincinnati: The Complete Series Review (See Posts #218 & 356 for Info)

    Loving the thread and especially all the shortcuts for when it becomes time to compile and edit as complete a version as possible... :) I did notice what seems a misidentification on one of the music cues. In Real Families, the music playing during Bailey's interview has been referenced as...