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    What are you playing right now?

    Destiny 2.
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    VR discussion: Oculus Rift, Vive, Morpheus and more!

    I highly recommend getting the dedicated stand for the VR unit. It has 2 built in charging bases for 2 move controllers, and another one for the Dual Shock controller, and it makes for a nice place to hang the VR unit itself. Was definitely a good purchase instead of just laying all this stuff...
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    The Last of Us

    Hey Morgan Jolley! I remember your name from back in the day. Sorry, I just don't post here hardly at all anymore. Just like Barton Lynch, from a few posts up, I was one of the early adopters, and forum members. Just ended up mostly at Lcvg. Anyhoo, I thought TLOU was one of THE best game I've...
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    The Order: 1886

    Waiting for reviews. Looks amazing though.
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Meh - Skyrim will last a damn long time considering the sick skills of the modding community. They're still making stuff for Morrowind!!!!
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    Watch Dogs

    Looking at those graphics, the only thing capable of that performance right now, is a high end pc. That's gotta be a next gen game. Current consoles can't handle that.
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    Xbox 720!

    Read that the baseline for graphics will be DirectX 11. Nice bump up certainly. Personally, they can dump Kinect right into the ocean. Other than for kiddie games, I think it's worthless, and gimmicky.
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    Sharp Introduces 90” Class Sharp AQUOS® LED TV

    And the DLP probably looks better too.
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    Red Dead Redemption

    I think it just keeps looking better and better, every time I see it!!!
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    ***Official Xbox Live Gamertag Listing Thread***

    Painkilller with 3 l's. Painki(LLL)er. Got on 'Live back when it was a beta program and already someone had taken my desired tag: Painkiller. Oh well, added a 3rd L and everything is good. Man, haven't posted to this forum in years!!!! Bailed out a few years back and went to LCVG Forums...
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    New Darkness footage

    Yeah it's some pretty wild looking stuff! Definitely interested in this one.
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    High Definition DVD: What is Holding You Back?

    For me, plain and simply: the format war. I just WILL NOT jump in until I can see a clear winner. To a lesser degree, I don't really NEED a high def player. The leap between dvd and vhs was huge. Tapes wore out, they didn't sound or look anywhere near as good a the new dvd format, it was...
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    New SVS Plus Driver!

    I've been an SVS owner since my first order around number 300. Went from 1 1646pc (original setup), to upgrading the driver, then a better amp, then selling that and getting a 1646pc+, then buying my 2nd 1646pc+. Always the same great customer service and phenomenal sub performance. This...
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    who is happy with their 2005 hdtv purchase

    Just over 1 month ago, I received my new Samsung HLR6178W, 61" DLP. The picture is stunning. From what the user manual says, it accepts a 1080P input on it's dvi port only so, as long as I can plug in my hd-dvd player into a dvi port, (whenever I finally buy an hddvd player), I'll be a happy...
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    *** Official HP 1080p md5880n/md6580n discussion thread ***

    Damn, Robert...sorry to hear about your VERY lousy experience with HP. My blood boils reading your posts. I would have a verrrrrrry hard time being a gentleman on your end of the phone, by now. My ex brother in law had quite a similar experience with their computer line, a few years back. It...