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    Teach me about htpc's.

    I searched but didn't find anything too recent on the topic. I am toying around with the idea of building a htpc. First a few of the requirements I have. 1. Case - I want a case that looks more like a receiver/dvd player than a typical computer "case". I prefer black. 2. I want to be able...
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    LCD extended warranties ... Y/N?

    I am hopefully buying an LCD from Best Buy tomorrow. You all make some great points about warranties. I have utilized them in the past on car stereos and as Adam R said above, I would have paid alot more in the end had I not opted for the warranty. Beepa, I am also looking at samsung...
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    Few questions from an ignoramous who just bought his first HDTV.

    Stephen I guess I'm more of an ignormaus than the OP. Can I ask why you have to connect just the coax cable in order to do the Autoprogram search? Reason is, I pick up my new HDTV tonight and I already picked up an HDDVR cable box and have it hooked up (to my regualr old CRT). I already...
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    New equipment suggestions?

    None taken. I had to get a new one in a pinch and it has been great so far. Believe me, I am considering it. Finally ordered the TV, Receiver, and cables/mount. SHould all be in by next thursday if the tracking info is accurate. Probably won't get a chance to mess with anything until the...
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    New equipment suggestions?

    Thanks. I know it may be a hard question to answer but how do you think the dvd player will look? I know it's not gonna be BluRay but I've never seen bluray so I won't know waht I'm missing. The dvd is Insignia NS-1UCDVD.
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    New equipment suggestions?

    Kevin Just decided on LCD rather than plasma. A friend of mine has both LCD and plasma and I looked at his. I don't think I can go wrong either way. 52" because I sit about 12 ft. back. And it will be higher than eye level. I have to put it over the fireplace. I've never used Denon but...
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    New equipment suggestions?

    I am in the final stages of planning my new HT purchases. I think I have all the equipment picked out so I wanted to run a few questions by the experts. 1. TV Samsung 650 52" 2. Denon 1909 Receiver 3. Comcast HD cable box 4. Wii 5. Old DVD player (Insignia ???) First of all does...
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    Any Onkyo TX-SR 605 Owners?

    I was thinking of getting this receiver. Since it's new, this may not be a question that most can answer but would this be a noticable upgrade to an onkyo 575x? And I have an older tv with only s-video so I am mainly concerned about sound quality, etc. thanks
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    Help with Onkyo receiver . Pro Logic or 5 Ch Stereo?

    Someone asked what type of speakers. Here's a link to my speakers. http://www.800stereo.com/prods/JNN.html Brian_Wh, I'm glad you like yours. I've heard of the Polk RM6600 set. I may look it up and compare the power handling to mine. Thanks for the info on the :Polk RM6600 "test". I tried...
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    mp3 connecting to receiver

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for. I have a linksys wireless media player that streams mp3 through my network. Actually, I have a file server in a closet that hold all my mp3's and other media files. Then I have the linksys in my garage hooked up to an old technics receiver. It...
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    Help with Onkyo receiver . Pro Logic or 5 Ch Stereo?

    Update: Sorry, it's kinda long. I've been a little busy so I haven't had time to respond. After finally looking at it there is actually a 5-Channel button on the front. Pressing it didn't do a thing. Then one evening I pressed it and it went to 5 Channel and sounded alot better. A few days...
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    Help with Onkyo receiver . Pro Logic or 5 Ch Stereo?

    Thanks for all the info everyone. DaveF, What do you mean by you recommend the Pro-logic II option? The 575x isn't Pro-logic II??? Or are you saying to purchase a Pro-logic II receiver? I'll get in there and try to find out what was changed but it seems that Dolby could be a better...
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    Help with Onkyo receiver . Pro Logic or 5 Ch Stereo?

    I have been using an onkyo 575x for several years. While watching digital cable I have noticed that the front always displays "Pro Logic" instead of the normal "5 Ch Stereo". First of all, what is the difference? Which is better? I realize "better" may be subjective, just talking in general...
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    Help with cable box and s-video.

    Tod No HBO, Showtime, etc. Just digital cable and the high-speed internet service. Not unless the lady signed me up for HBO or something I didn't ask for. If she did I better get it for free or I'm canceling it. If it's been a while just call again. Tell them you want to get a box with the...