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    What was your very first movie on physical media purchase?

    My first VHS tape was CBS/Fox's GOLDFINGER, which I bought before my first vcr, which was a Zenith.
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    I just saw a bad print of THE RELENTLESS FOUR on YouTube and was wondering...

    ...is there a decent version on DVD(couldn't image this movie would be available on blu)and, is there a version where Adam West's voice was used instead of being dubbed?
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    Amazon Finally Pissed Me Off!

    I worked at the Amazon fulfillment center located in Staten Island for 1.5 years. I was let go because I couldn't meet the packing quota, which is 120 packages/hour. Packages missing bubble wrap sometimes happen if you're trying to hit the quota. The computer tells you which size box to use for...
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    International Matt Helm box set coming to Blu-ray

    From what I've read, I'm not seeing any reason to "upgrade", plus I was able to get the dvd box autographed by Miss January herself, Corrine Cole.
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    Dragonfly Squadron Contest: Win A Copy on Blu-Ray

    Superman Movies box set.