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    Anyone else interested in the Patty Duke Show?

    Nice interview with Patty Duke in this week's TV Guide. She talks a little bit about the show, and the fact John Spencer of West Wing was a friend she met on the show (Cathy's boyfriend, I think). She also said she's always running into Boomers who sing the theme song to her. I got the...
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    iPod to kill TV-on-DVD?

    I don't see iTunes having much impact on DVD sales. If anything, I'd expect to see an increase in DVD sales as a result. I see iTunes as more of a fill-in (because you missed it), catch up (because you missed it), or trial (because you missed it) library. Or, as in the case of the one unaired...
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    Doctor Who '05 - perhaps October?

    Got my TARDIS box yesterday from Amazon.uk. Disc 2 was floating around the inside of the box - haven't had a chance to pop it in the player and make sure it isn't scratched and/or damaged. The TARDIS box is kind of cool - and fits with many of my other odd-sized Who limited edition sets (PAL...
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    New Series On TV- What Shows Would You Want On DVD? And Any Rumors?

    Close to Home has been extended to a full season. It's done well in the Friday night slot, but Threshold tanked in its first Tuesday outing. Pity, it's my favorite show of the new season, and the show I'd most like to see released on DVD. Heck, the CBS site already has some of the extras done -...
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    What about "Fame"

    I remember seeing on Lee Currare's web site (forgive the spelling, but he played Bruno in the film and series) that the show was in the pipeline for DVD release. But that's got to be a year or more ago. I would buy this show, no hesitation. Great stuff, great music. In its time, a phenomenon...
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    Stargate SG1 questions.

    I'm a co-mod on a Stargate Spoiler list of over 6,000 people worldwide. I would not agree that season 8 is much derided. There were complaints from RDA fans about his reduced role, but most fans agreed he was put to better use in his reduced hours during season 8 than he'd been in season 7. Like...
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    Without A Trace?

    I noticed the second season up for pre-order on Amazon.uk - sometime in November, I think. When the first season came out, I saw it listed on the UK e-tailers first, and then it was announced in the US. So I suspect the second season is in the works and will be announced soon.
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    Favorite 70's Sci-Fi on dvd

    First three seasons of Blake's 7 are out in Region 2. There's even a special edition of season 3 with a blister-packed Liberator (looks like the Corgi version from the '70s).
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    EARTH 2 (Street Date 7/19/05) (contains spoilers)

    When the series was originally aired, the pilot was shown as a film. I think in repeat, and then in syndication (SciFI), it's been shown as two separate parts. But as originally shown, Earth 2 had 21 episodes. I don't suppose they included the promo reel for the second season that never...
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    Wonder Woman-what happened?

    According to TVShowsonDVD, these alterations are not yet confirmed. The site news this week stated that the alterations list is now moderated, because there have been so many bogus alterations listed. So, sprinkle liberally with grains of salt ... :>
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    Any word on Alien Nation?

    Actually, Columbia House no longer offers Alien Nation the Series. They did release the entire series, but none of the follow-on movies. At least one of the films has appeared on Fox Movie Classics in recent months, so I think the films are clearly in the Fox library.
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    What I still can't figure out is why USA Network dropped the show after the first season. Great show that deserved more episodes ...
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    How can companies not know if a show is cut or not?

    I can see where there would easily be confusion about the running time on episodes - take a look at Deadwood on HBO, which may have a 52 minute episode one week, and a 57 minute episode the next week. Was that 52 minute episode cut or time compressed? No, it just ran shorter. CBS shows are even...
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    The Second Hundred Years

    That's the TVTome episode guide, which is full of errors on episode synopses. For example, Luke and Comrade Tanya has Luke dating a Russian woman he met in the park, and the Army types are convinced she's a spy trying to kidnap him to get the secret of successful suspended animation.
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    Doctor Who '05 - perhaps October?

    If the show is passed by the networks, I'd be very surprised if WENH did not find some way to carry it. They've got a long history of going after shows that their core audience wants. When the BBC was doing the Tripods series back in the '80s, WENH was actually broadcasting it two full weeks in...