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  1. DeanWalsh

    Where can I buy the R2 Sleepy Hollow DVD?

    The French one sounds fantastic, but the picture is a little grainier with more compression artifacts than the r1. The Japanese version has an improved picture plus a full bitrate DTS track, best version of the two. The French version has better packaging though, nice embossed thinpack.
  2. DeanWalsh

    Which PAL dvds smoke their NTSC counterparts PQ-wise???

    OK we get it Craig, you don't like PAL speedup. Get over it!
  3. DeanWalsh

    It's Official: HD DVD and Blu-ray Can Limit High Resolution To HDMI Only

    I find it hilarious that people with component input only HD sets are now being labeled 'early adopters'. These sets have been around for over 10 years now! The fact that component has been the most visible standard for delivering HD video for all consumer HD products until now would make many...
  4. DeanWalsh

    XBox vs PS2 for HT

    Not to mention the attraction of modding an xbox to run Xbox Media Center. I use mine as my mp3/aac library, and I convert all my HD recordings to DivX 720p format which the xbox handles beautifully! It upscales dvd to 720p and 1080i nicely as well, dvd support isn't perfect but is almost...
  5. DeanWalsh

    Haute Tension - Which Version, and where to buy?

    I have the Hong Kong r3 version. It's uncut, anamorphic, English subbed and DTS. It's as definitive as you're going to get at the moment. @ Jon Z: The version you mention is from Thailand
  6. DeanWalsh

    X-Box DVD player in HD

    @ MuneebM: You don't need to change the drive in your xbox for 1080i and 720p dvd playback. 1) Get the newest version of XBMC 2) In the options disable Post Processing. This is broken with 1080i for some reason (but may have been fixed by now). I've heard reports that the xbox using...
  7. DeanWalsh

    Sky Captain HK R3 (DTS)

    Just picked up the Hong Kong 2 Disc release and can confirm the DTS-ES (Matrixed) track is full bitrate! It comes in a nice foil slipcase with a folder inside containing a cd-rom game (The Flying Legion Interactive Game) and a cardboard DIY 3D Model Plane.
  8. DeanWalsh

    PGR1 or PGR2? RSC1 or RSC2? also racing game suggestions

    My only dissapointment with PGR2 is with all the added polish on the cars and environments they had to drop down the framerate to 30fps (The original game was 60fps). Don't get me wrong I love both games, but I'm a firm believer that where applicable the added detail is less important than a...
  9. DeanWalsh

    Is Jet Li's "Hero" worth a blind buy?

    Something I'd like to add to this conversation is to those that have only watched the film on the Asian dvd releases, I bought the Edko R3 over a year ago and absolutely loved the film, so much so I had to see it on the big screen again when it finally came out. Something I will say about the US...
  10. DeanWalsh

    Point Break DTS jpn better than US?

    For the record the Australia r4 release carries a full bitrate DTS track. How this compares in sound quality to the other regions I don't know though as I've not had them to compare.
  11. DeanWalsh

    For $0.99, you, yes you, can download "silence" from Apple's iTunes

    I'm waiting for P. Diddy to sample this for his next joint... lol
  12. DeanWalsh

    White Album + Black Album = Grey Album

    I have a different perspective in all of this, in that I knew of the more popular songs on the White Album, but had never heard the album as a whole. After hearing The Grey Album I became fascinated with how it was put together and ended up buying The White Album to listen to the source for the...
  13. DeanWalsh

    Scream SE region 4 anamorphic and DTS!

    It's not a huge leap quality wise, so go for the director's cut.
  14. DeanWalsh

    The Relic (1997) picture quality

    It looks to me that it may be lacking sharpness due to underexposure in the cinematography. If you thought the dvd looks bad you should see the laserdisc! Frankly though if it's the source material that's problematic I'd rather it be left blurry than them adding edge enhancement to try and...
  15. DeanWalsh

    Terminator 3 DTS region 2 Japan review

    You're in for a treat with The 6th Day! Awesome disc. Mummy Returns sounds great too.