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    Any John Grisham novels into movies recently?

    Thanks for the response Greg. I just looked up the reviews on that one. The critics didn't seem to care to much for it. Sometimes they don't exactly reflect what the public likes. Was this an OK movie in the John Grisham style, or was it something new he was trying to do?
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    Any John Grisham novels into movies recently?

    Have any movies been made from John Grisham novels in the past few years? It seems to me it's been close to 5 or 6 years since we've had one. IMBD shows Runaway Jury in 1993. Is that the last one? A great writer, I hate to see the material dry up. Haven't seen any new Tom Clancy in many...
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    I promised myself I wouldn't, but.....

    I too promised myself I would sit out the war, but I succumbed to the $98 price point. I'm reminded of the old story, but in reverse, about the guy who asked the beautiful young lady if she'd go to bed with him for $1000. She quickly said "yes". He than asked her if she'd be willing to go to...
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    Sergio Leone Anthology on Blu-Ray?????

    Has anyone seen any indication that the Sergio Leone Anthology will be coming out on Blu-Ray? I was thinking of purchasing the DVD version, but don't want to if there's a chance it will be on Blu-Ray in the reasonable future.
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    Letters From Iwo Jima

    Is this film in the Japanese language with English subtitles? The first post in this thread refers to a Japanese language film, yet IMDb states "English, Japanese" as the language. Thanks.
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    I still blame the studios....

    I would think it might be illegal for the studios to get together and agree on which format to all support. Not a lawyer, but it just seems like it might be a no-no. What they could have done is all go format neutral and release on both, as some have done. Then, the marketplace would truly...
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    For how long will Universal refuse to support Blu-ray?

    The story published on the internet is that it is going to happen. The story also stated that Universal took some money from the HD-DVD camp in exchange for releasing exclusively on HD-DVD, including some big hits like King Kong. The "exclusive" deal supposedly ended 12/31/06. Supposedly, the...
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    RCA's Stance on Next-Gen Media: We Quit

    I guess somebody must have told them.:)
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    RCA's Stance on Next-Gen Media: We Quit

    I wonder if anyone has passed this information along to Meridian and Onkyo since they have announced nothing. Maybe they don't know about it.
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    LG BH100 HD DVD / Blu-ray hybrid player (merged thread)

    Not exactly. More the low end. They are the old Goldstar with a new name. If this player comes in at $1200, I can't imagine it making much of a difference in the battle.
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    HD-DVD Copy Protection cracked....now what?

    If HD-DVD can be cracked, no doubt Blu-Ray can also. This is not good news for either camp. What if the studios get spooked and slow down releases? Everyone would be better off if this crack had not occurred.
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    So who is sticking with SD DVD and why and for how long

    I have 1750 SD titles in my collection, and I've stopped buying until one of the formats becomes the likely winner. At that time, I'll begin buying again, but only high def.
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    DVD Profiler. Is it gone?

    I hadn't updated my list for a month or so and when I went to do so, found the site missing. Intervocative's site doesn't respond either. Anybody know anything. I did a search on this forum, but it doesn't seem to bring up anything.
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    DVD SPOT down?

    I wonder if they were undergoing a server change or something. It's back as of Sunday night and much, much faster than in the past. I guess it's the old saying, "all's well that ends well."
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    DVD SPOT down?

    I can't connect with DVD Tracker this morning. Has it gone bye-bye? Deane