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    Wrestlemania DVD boxed set coming in December!

    I already have the Wrestlemania box set of DVD's I won it when I went to the Wrestlemania show. But it only went to Wrestlemania 20. B4 this set I only had this old Boxset of Wrestling DVD's called WRESTLING GOLD. Disc 1 was called Busted open Disc 2 was called The Main Event 3 was We...
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    Playstation 2 or just wait?

    I have decided to own a PS3 from reading so much on it. Revolution I'd not bother as PS3 is going blu ray. Just buy a PSP for now. Its something neat to have and a thing if you like Sony games. And you can do alot with it. Im using mine more for listening to MP3 files. Movies are a waste as...
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    Entire Engine drops out of Vehicle

    Anyone ever have this happen to them? In my 90 Cutlass Supreme driving on the Freeway on ramp, my vehicle jumps and my car is has raised and just goes dead, the vehicles behind me know what has happened so stops Call a tow truck or 2 to help tow the engine and vehicle. I just decide to...
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    Nintendo E3 Conference for May 17th, 2005

    Hmmmm I just pulled out my boxed Gameboy Pocket with the Donkey Kong game. The Gameboy Micro will be almost the same as the pocket except the better resolution screen, but the screen will be smaller than the Pocket, but use of course the recharging batteries instead of triple AAA batteries...
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    Nintendo E3 Conference for May 17th, 2005

    Wow play every Nintendo game ever? But I think its if you go online on the system. There's always a catch. I wonder though if rumours hold true if you can play all the gameboy games. Love the Micro. But it again is back to the Gameboy Advance style. I like the SP as my favorite system by...
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    Is there a list of TV Shows that were never finished?

    I'd say Gilligans Island didn't have a proper series ender. The Rescue from Gilligan's Island were special separate episodes. They should have ended the series with the castaways rescued.
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    What is the STRANGEST thing you've seen people do while they are driving?

    One time on the highway I saw a guy driving his convertible and his head was higher than the window to look out of so it was hard to drive for him I guess. Another time I saw a guy brushing his teeth and flossing while driving
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    What is the STRANGEST thing you've seen people do while they are driving?

    While they are driving? Quite hard to stand up I've seen a driver while DRIVING THAT IS. Watching a dvd on a mobile dvd player.
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    I'd like to see a Lego Star Wars 2.

    What game system are we all talking about? I'd love to purchase it for Gameboy.
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    Completed Series?

    My first set will be complete when I buy the season 3 of Gilligan's Island. Only other set that Im collecting is the Frasier seasons I have them all that are out. Seasons 1,2,3,4,11.
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    PSP: What games you have??

    I have Gretzky Hockey. I am enjoying it very well. I am playing the regular season. Pretty fun too.
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    What DVD box set would you say is the best produced with most extras?

    Seinfeld on dvd hasn't been beat yet on all the features it has.
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    What were or still are, your favorite arcade games ?

    OOOOh at a friends place, watching him play OMEGA Race was so nerve wrecking. Then playing some Berserk on his Tandy computer. Wow I remembered Omega Race in the arcades too. Anyone remember JungleHunt, Kangaroo, Moon Patrol, or Popeye? Not to mention a Burger time Arcade game? Kangaroo...
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    What were or still are, your favorite arcade games ?

    Mine was Berserk. Not a single home game system ever thought of adding it to Atari or Midway classic. Never saw it for any system. Only a Vectrex clone Berserk game. I am still looking for it.
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    Anyone else addicted to the PSP?

    Well as the first in the portables for Sony, it reminds me of the Gameboy Advance unprotected screen. And buying so many accessories for it. I play the SP the most. But yes the PSP is fun. I like the Hockey.