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    THE LITTLE MERMAID Platinum Edition: October 3rd, 2006

    The last time I seen Little Mermaid DVD available in stores was when Snow White was released. It was a give away at Disney stores or by mail for purchasing. I'm looking forward to replacing by current DVD.
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    Depeche Mode - Playing The Angel SACD - 5.1?

    My personal favorites are Track 1,2,4,5,& 7. My least favorite is 12. The rest is good. Surprising to me is the songs Martin sings are just good. I've seen DM 7 or 8 times. Black Celebration Tour Music for the Masses 1st time through and the amazing Rose Bowl show. Violator Both...
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    Depeche Mode - Playing The Angel SACD - 5.1?

    From Depechemode.com Notes: This is the first album to come with a bonus DVD. On the UK release, the "Deluxe Edition" comes with a SACD, and a DVD. For the US release, the "Deluxe Edition" has the same content, but comes as a CD and a DVD (with the DVD having the UK SACD's surround mixes)...
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    ipod dock (line out) question...

    I don't have an IPOD I have a Creative labs 30 GB Zen. Did you try to turn up the volume higher in the IPOD? I plug mine into my stereo and always put the volume almost full blast.
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    what's up with DDD.com?

    I just received my last DVD from their 20% off sale today. No problems from them for me.
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    DVD wants for 2005

    One that will probably never come: The Tick Animated Series.
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    The Survivor 9: Vanuatu Discussion Thread

    I think Chris should have told Eliza & Jules his plan. They will hurt him if he gets to the final 2. Since I hope Chris wins, if Twila doesn't win Immunity she should be the next to go. If she does then Eliza should go. They are both stronger than Chris in challenges. His best bet to win it all...
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    Rank the Walt Disney Treasure Sets

    Here's my list. I don't own Davy Crockett so it won't be ranked. 1. Disney on the Front Lines 2. Mickey Mouse in Living Color Vol. II 3. Mickey Mouse in Living Color Vol. I 4. The Complete Goofy 5. The Silly Symphonies 6. Disneyland USA 7. Mickey Mouse in Black and White Vol. I...
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    TV Versions of Films that are Much Different from the Theatrical Versions

    Gladiator is another one with an extended cut for TV. I didn't see it, but they advertised they fact that there's new scenes added.
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    Question a obout Apple Itunes and Ipod

    Wow this is good info. I heard that Apple was going to release a bunch of previously unreleased U2 tracks on the 23. I was considering signing up and buying the tracks. My 20g Rio Riot won't recognize the format though. The IPOD's are very cool but are expensive for what you get. For the...
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    Deceptive DVD cover on Shrek reissue

    I'm amazed they reissued this for the 3rd time in such a short time frame. We had the: Original 2 disk. Full Frame single disk Full Frame single disk w/ Shrek 3D Full Frame single disk with new cover.
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    Race to the Bottom: Pre-Viewed Sales & Shorter Windows are Driving Down Prices

    I'm also buying the PV at Blockbuster more and more. I recently traded in a bunch for $8 each so i'm set for the next few months or weeks.... I had about 350 DVD's at one time now i'm close to 300 and will probably trade in another 20 or so after I get around to watching them.
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    Best U2 DVD?

    I also vote for "Go Home". I also would love a Joshua Tree DVD. I'll never forget: Spending the night in line to get tickets. Having it sell out 3 shows with 1 person in front of me. Leaving to go home and while sitting on the bus I hear they added 2 more shows. Buying nose bleed seats from...
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    New Green Day Album FANTASTIC!!!!!

    This IMO is the best album on the year. I can't remember an album in recent times that has so many good tracks to it. Most albums now adays has only 1 or 2 songs and the rest is filler. I like every track on it.
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    U2's New Single

    The new song sounds great. Can't wait for the Album. I also really enjoyed the last album. My top 2 favorites: Joshua Tree Unforgettable Fire Least Favorite: Pop