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    The Invaders

    Given how TV on DVD and blu-ray is becoming more niche as time goes on due to streaming, THE INVADERS would have to released as a full set of the show for the most sales
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    The Invaders

    I wonder where the 35 mm film negatives would be stored if they still exist and who owns them, and do some film collectors have the original negatives in their collections
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    The Saint Possibly Coming from Shout! in April 2015

    I rather have Shout Factory license the movie because I think they will do better with the extras than Paramount now. i hope they get the rights since Scream Factory has got the license to release Event Horizon (and recently Escape from LA). Also I saw all of The Saint episodes are available...
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    The Saint Possibly Coming from Shout! in April 2015

    I think the Kilmer Saint deserves good extras and I think Shout Select would be a good choice to get the title for blu-ray since the original cut of the movie has a climatic sequence cut (plus Elisabeth Shue's character has a different ending than the final version) from the movie and you can...
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    The Invaders

    I think the MeTV masters are based on old copies provided to stations for syndication. The DVDs look better even though Paramount never bothered to clean the show for DVD. I think a small budget to remaster would be sufficient and even scanning the original negatives wouldn't be as costly as...
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    The Invaders

    Since The Invaders was shot in 35mm, it would be a great show to do a HD remaster if the 35mm negatives still exist. They could add teh HD versions to CBS ALL Access (or whatever the new CBS streaming service will be called) and license the blu-ray rights to Kino Lorber (since Kino has...
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    The Saint Possibly Coming from Shout! in April 2015

    A little off topic, I hope Shout does get the rights to release The Saint movie on blu-ray because it would make a great movie to release as part of their Shout Selects series. Getting back to topic, I do wish the color masters used for The Saint were a little better and a good remastering to...
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    Kino-Lorber Insider Announcement Thread (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    I hope Kino Lorber can go after some of the Paramount titles (make a new deal) that have never seen blu-ray (The Saint, The Ghost and The Darkness) or a proper blu-ray addition (Jade which has never had the unrated cut see DVD or blu-ray)
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    Battlestar Galactica (1978 film) on blu-ray

    I bought one of the two copies that my local Best Buy had. The video presentation is pretty good and the sound was clean. I have to go write my review on it. too bad they didn't have any extras on this disc or a proper menu (just a pop-up menu).
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    Blu-ray Review Major Dundee Blu-ray Review

    I almost want to buy this one since I already have the DVD of the extended cut.
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    Never doubt the power of a DSLR for movies again

    http://gizmodo.com/5993678/this-new-camera-stabilizer-could-change-cinematography-forever Check this out.
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    Never doubt the power of a DSLR for movies again

    I got a Cannon T4i that I'm starting to test the video stuff on and I am about to craft stories for it. I just need to get the flow of the video shooting down like I have with regular picture shooting. I have to find a good freeware video editing program to try out my video editing skills on
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    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (Blu-ray) available for preorder on Amazon

    Holy crap, that is ugly Blu-ray artwork. I wish they stuck with the movie poster art.
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    WHV Announcement: Chernobyl Diaries (Blu-Ray)

    I liked the setting and set-up. Other than that, I thought the movie was a disappointment (although I am curious about the alternate ending and the extras)
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    Blu-ray Review Total Recall: Mind-Bending Edition Blu-ray Review

    I like the transfer. I just wish they ported over more of the original extras and had a featurette on the unproduced sequel which a script was written for,