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    Apple TV+ For All Mankind - Season 1

    2nd Season Trailer - For All Mankind
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    The Orville - Season 3

    Well that did not last long. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7274913/The-Orville-stars-Adrianne-Palicki-Scott-Grimes-ways-two-months-marriage.html
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    CBS All Access Star Trek: Discovery - Official Thread

    Did not see this posted yet. Four shorts of Discovery are coming beginning in October First Trailer online. https://youtu.be/1UPJX7LzoxI
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    Elementary Season 6

    Well that season finale episode had all the makings of a Series Finale episode. Obviously they thought they were done after this season and got a surprise renewal.
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    CBS All Access Star Trek: Discovery - Official Thread

    Star Trek Discovery One Story for the 1st Season.
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    Battery Usage App?

    I believe the app Battery Doctor will do what you are looking for. It will also let you clean out your cache.
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    Limitless: Season 1

    Do you have a Tivo. I have noticed that the new Limitless episodes on my Tivo are not indicated to be new episodes and unless you set the Season Pass to both new and repeats you may not get it recorded. The show Undateable which is done live now on Fridays never has a program description and...
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    The Good Wife - Season 7

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    CBS All Access Star Trek: Discovery - Official Thread

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    Tyrant (FX)

    Renewed for Season 3. http://tvline.com/2015/10/08/tyrant-renewed-season-3-fx/
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    Extant Season 2

    Extant has been cancelled by CBS.
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    Defiance Season 3 (SyFy)

    I still have the first two seasons on the Tivo to watch. Now I will be behind three seasons to watch.
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    Castle Season 7

    I saw last week that Nathan Fillion has signed to return next season. Stana Katic is still in negotiations and they are looking for a new show runner.
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    SyFy's Helix Season 2

    Have you tried purchasing the Tivo Desktop Program. It used to be free with a fee to upgrade to the plus version, now I believe it sells for $16. You can just download to computer to an external drive. Load it back up later to the Tivo.
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    Continuum Season 3

    Continuum to end with a six episode season in 2015.