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    Time Travel In the Movies

    I've always thought that 12 Monkeys was pretty internally logical and consistent movie with respect to it's time travel. I was going to include Slaughterhouse Five, but upon reflection it doesn't seem to me to involve time travel so much as someone living their life out of order.
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    Cosmology alert: String Theory on PBS 8/28 and 11/4

    I have to say I was pretty unimpressed with the show. It seemed to have a hard time moving forward, repeating itseelf time and again. I dunno, it just seemed awfully dumbed down, even for me (not a physicist by any stretch)
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    The scariest line of dialog in any film you've seen

    Not so much frightening, but it always sends a shiver down my spine, from Leon Norman Stansfield: Bring me everyone. Benny: What do you mean "everyone"? Norman Stansfield: EVERYONE!
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    *** Official KILL BILL VOLUME 1 Discussion Thread

    The movie reminded of Aeon Flux especially the scene with everyone lying around dead or dying in the restaurant. Seemed to me the movie was just a live actioon anime, entertaining, but not that special.
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    Spielberg: September 11 Film Should Never Happen

    I certainly think you could make movies related to 9/11 right now, if not about 9/11 directly.
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    HTF REVIEW: "Pulp Fiction" Collector's Edition (Highly Recommended)(with screenshots)

    The trivia track is pretty interesting. I had no idea Ving Rhames and Stanley Tucci were college roommates.
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    *** Official "ROAD TO PERDITION" Discussion Thread

    I finally got to see this movie and I think it was oversold, but it is still a quality film. I don't want to re-hash arguments that are now over a week old, but I do have a question. The cinematography is excellent for the most part, yet there is a lot of what i would call "flaring" of the...
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    TV on dvd--a possibly dissenting viewpoint.

    You know that if they weren't releasing the TV shows there would be a whole separate group wondering where those were. Studios clearly are allocating there dollars and other resources to those projects they consider most economical. I love classic movies but I don't for a second believe they are...
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    Post LOTR; Most Anticipated Release?

    OK, now that LOTR:FOTR has been released, what announced title are you most looking forward to? For me it is Ken Burns' Civil War, followed by Glengarry Glen Ross
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    Jimi Hendrix voted the greatest Guitar Player EVER!!!

    Actually Django Reinhardt is on the list, so there is one jazz guitarist. I thik most of the names on the list are ridiculous...Sum 41????
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    Suffering without LOTR until Nov.

    Waiting until November. I think I'll be fine.
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    LOTR disc(s): consumer backlash against multiple versions, _L.A. Times_.

    I pretty much agree, except I don't think it is fair to criticize people for not doing their "research". They are buying a DVD, not a car or a house. They get their Sunday supplement and see that Best Buy has Lord of the Rings this week, $15.99. Hey, I think I'll get that. I know a lot of people...
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    Just Saw Empire Of The Sun: Different

    Tim, Great article. I had just watched EOS, again, and I had this nagging feeling that there was something about it that seemed, well, at the time weird, but I think now I would say dreamlike. A great movie.
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    To Those Calling Retailers for LORD OF THE RINGS: Please Stop!

    You realize that some of you folks sound INSANE!:D Now what is this $10 rebate for after 8/6 deal? I was planning on just waiting for the 4-disc version, but if there is some sort of rebate I might pick up the 2-disc version. Anyway, why aren't we talking about the real important release on...