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    Lost season 3 discussion....

    I gotta say, I was disappointed to learn this about Sun. I'm with others who think this really robs some of the poignancy of her relationship with Jin. Up until now she has been a good woman devoted to an increasingly violent and corrupt man. The early story where she nearly left Jin is...
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    The Office: S2 out already???

    I thought Season 2 of the Office was not due until September 12th, but I went to a Best Buy in Houston (near Galleria) last night and they had them all out. Season 2 was $39.99 and Season 1 was $23.99, but there was a pretty cool giftset that had both seasons for $49.99. Picked up the giftset...
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    Romancing the Stone: SE - 08/29

    Well, I'm glad it's not just me. How on earth could Fox screw this up twice? My personal opinion is that this is the same exact transfer from the original release. A port over job would explain the same mistakes being made. I watched the original disc many times and always felt it was a handsome...
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    Romancing the Stone: SE - 08/29

    There's a glitch that's driving me crazy, and I haven't seen anybody mention it. The subtitles are missing, and it ruins one of the best jokes in the movie when Joan and Jack are about to get killed in the Colombian town and Juan saves them when he realizes that Joan is Joan Wilder, the...
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    "Serenity" 12/20/05 (SEE post #38 for details)

    Never seen the show, but the movie was good--suprisingly good. I really liked the characters, and it had an interesting story line. The beginning is crackerjack. Looking forward to watching the series now.
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    3rd Rock Changes to DVDs

    I think these have been cut, but I have no proof. They all just seem about 30 seconds shorter than your typical TV show. I mean, we've seen a lot of TV shows on DVD at this point, and a lot that were broadcast on NBC (like 3rd Rock), and most are 22 min. I believe every 3rd Rock is just shy of 22.
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    newsradio season 3

    Gord, come back and tell us when they start working on Just Shoot Me: S3! I'm maybe even more eagerly waiting for that one!
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    Quick Change on DVD?

    I'm sure this was a DGA approved film. The DGA allows for co-directors, but does not allow for more than two, and does not allow a non-DGA member to be credited with directing (a la Frank Miller in Sin City). For a similar case, see Eurotrip. Three guys created the movie and directed it...
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    The Frighteners: Director's Cut - 11-29-05

    Wow! I had long ago given up on ever seeing this on DVD. Maybe there is hope for the Waterworld Extended Cut after all too.
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    Jungle Book (1994) Discontinued? Why?

    I wasn't aware that Disney was releasing live action films as Platinum titles.
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    Jungle Book (1994) Discontinued? Why?

    My Mom's been wanting this DVD, and in helping her track it down (got one off half.com), I've discovered that it's OOP. This seems strange because it was not even released on DVD until Jan. 2002, and it features anamorphic widescreen, commentary, and making of. Anybody know why on earth Disney...
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    Am I the Only One Waiting for Just Shoot Me: S3???

    I just had to let it out. I bought the S1/2 set last June, and it made me a much bigger fan of the show than I ever was before. It's been over a year since that release, and there hasn't been any word. Anybody else dying to see the rest of this show--the only one to ever really utilize the...
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    Mainstream DVDs you bought mostly for the nudity.

    The ultimate DVD for me on this subject would be Play Time, starring Monique Parent and Jennifer Burton. I've never heard of, much less seen, a movie that tops it. You used to not be able to rent it because people would just not return the tape. Image had it out on DVD, but it has been out of...
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    Chappelle's Show: Season 2 Uncensored

    Sounds like a breakdown to me. No matter what Dave says, he's clearly acted in a pretty strange way. How many people just blow off a $50 million contract right in the middle of shooting? And the stuff Dave has said ("Comedy Central was interfering with my decisions") just doesn't jive. Chappelle...
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    Tommy Boy: Holy Shnikes Edition!

    August, huh? Isn't that when Office Space:SE comes out? That will be a good month then! And to the guy above asking which movie I was talking about: Tommy Boy. Sorry for any miscommunication there.