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    DVDs for Sale

    What type of payment do you accept? Do you take paypal?
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    DVDs for Trade or Sale (

    How do I tell different versions of From Here to Eternity DVD apart from each other? I bought mine in January this year from an online store, so I'm guessing it's the newest version. UPC is 043396053199. It's region 1 DVD. Movie is in full-screen black-white anamorphic video. Special features on...
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    DVDs for Trade or Sale (

    Are you interested in trading your Antz for my From Here to Eternity?
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    Dvd Ft/fs

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    FS: Numerous Box Sets

    I just sent you an email. Thanks!
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    Tons of DVDs for Sale or Trade!

    I just sent you email.
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    FS - Disney OOP DVDs

    I'm not sure if your DVDs are still available, but I just sent you a mail.
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    How do you guys handle damaged discs?

    Where do you find the email addresses for the companies to send messages for replacing defective DVD disc?
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    FS: Profiler Season 1-3

    Again, I apologize for the misunderstanding. I don't know why you mix me up with someone else who bought The Profiler DVDs from you. I replied to you immediately through email and also through posting on the forum because I just don't want to get an email from you later on saying that I owe you...
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    FS: Profiler Season 1-3

    I apologize for posting your full email on HTF. I have corrected my mistake and removed the extra info from the forum. I just want to let you know I wasn't mad at you. I don't know what give you that idea. I sent you an email a few days ago inquiring about your DVDs. I got an email from you a...