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    Delivery of my RPTV--Unhappy Experience

    Dale, I don't think that you have too much to worry about here. There are times when this happens with every manufacturer's display. More than likely something happened to that set and you just happened to be the one that it ended up going to. I have had many clients and friends that have...
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    Good guide for Advanced TV Calibration?

    Johnny, The service manual for your display should describe what each function does on the display and how the menu system works. With some displays you only need to setup one mode and the others are correct based off of that mode - usually the full mode. When adjusting geometry always...
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    Which came first? The projector or the screen?? Which do I install first?

    Greetings, The ISF recommends mounting the screen first, then mounting the projector based on the exact position of the final resting place of the screen. This recommendation comes from the theory that you can place the screen exactly where you want to look at it, meaning a little higher, or...
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    Small Training Room Need

    John, DLP stands for Digital Light Processing and it is a type of display technology that has become more popular over the past few years. It is solid state and works off of a DMD (Digital Micro-Mirror Device). It may be the best for your situation in that the projectors can be had within...
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    Small Training Room Need

    John, If there are going to be any still images/logos, ect. on the screen at any time do not use a plasma. Plasma technology (phosphor based) is very susceptible to burn-in. The Infocus, from what I have seen, is a good unit to use for presentations. I am assuming that there will not be...
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    Is this ISF calibration quote a little high?

    Garrett, Digital displays most certainly benefit from a proper calibration. Many companies have tried to advertise that their new digital displays are "plug and play," but this is far from the case. The ISF, as a whole, has never found one display to be accurately calibrated out of the box -...
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    Greetings, My understanding of that unit was that the company purchased the CRTs from Princeton as well as the front bezel. The rest of the chassis driving the tube is Monovision's. I did see these at a trade show and they were uncalibrated and too blue. I am not sure what their supporting...
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    DVI with CRT RP

    Mark, You have a pretty good idea of what is already going on. The signal is of course digital on the DVD. Let us take the analog component route...Digital to analog in DVD player, to display, display needs to upconvert signal to say 540p (Toshiba), thus the signal goes from analog to digital...
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    DVI vs. component, what am I looking for?

    Donald, Some things to look for: -Check for scaling artifacts that are apparent from the analog input vs. the DVI -Check the color decoder to see if the formula is the same on both inputs or different -Check a frequency response pattern to observe which is giving you more frequency...
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    Sony XBR calibrations

    Grant, Try color temp: warm, VM: off, and DRC: Progressive and see how you make out! Regards,
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    Sharpness and DVE - Could I have had this wrong all along??

    Greetings, The sharpness/overscan pattern on DVE was specifically designed to target the frequency space that many manufacturers were setting their sharpness controls to manipulate, which is approximately 2.8Mhz. The transitions in the pattern actually correspond to different frequency...
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    sony wega problem: screen loses almost all color

    Blake, You could have some loose solder connections on the input board. This could have happened over time or someone may have yanked a cable to hard at one point and because of the loose connection you are loosing some of the information. This is just a guess, there could be many other...
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    FP Screen In Front of RPTV

    Alan, At 9' back you will need some serious resolution on the screen at 80" wide. Meaning you will see the image structure if your not careful. I may even recommend going to a 6' wide screen (72") as this may be the safer bet and at 9' back should look really good. As for
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    FP Screen In Front of RPTV

    Alan, If you are to have a screen that rolls down from the ceiling make sure that it is tab tensioned so that you do not get any "wrinkles" in the screen. The projector to get will depend on screen size. How big do you want to go with the screen and how far back do you plan to sit? There...
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    Squeezing better resolution out of a 42" plasma display

    Maury, First off hook the DVD Player up via component video! The DVD Format uses MPEG compression (Motion Picture Experts Group). This form of compression works with component digital video. Now, if you are running S-Video out of the player you are taking a severe hit to the chroma frequency...