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    FS: Every DVD I Bought but Never Watched

    Well, I've finally gone insane... Or maybe I've become sane. Either way I have tens and tens of DVDs I bought and haven't ever watched. I've finally been pestered so much and have decided to sell off the DVDs in my collection that I don't really love to watch. These are all sealed unless...
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    DVD's FS/FT

    Are you interested in 007: Nightfire for Xbox?
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    Lots of DVDs for sale

    Al would you be willing to sell them all or almost all of them as a lot? If so e-mail me with a price at [email protected] Thanks.
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    More Dvd's For Sale - Over 100

    Todd have you been around lately? You haven't responded to my e-mails. I'll take the rest of the DVDs for $5 each.
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    60 DVDs FT (Anchor Bay, Criterion, OOP, Disney etc...)

    Would you take a 2-Disc Patton in Mint condition for Evil Dead: BotD?
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    FS/FT Xbox and PS2 Games

    Dave, are you talking to me? My worry is just that GTAIII is going to become a greatest hit soon and will only be $19.99 in the stores. Also, GTA Vice City is coming out and that will be much better than GTAIII. So I'm a little precautious.
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    Wtb: Dreamcast Games

    I have a sealed copy of Phantasy Star Online that I will sell for $10 shipped.
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    FS/FT Xbox and PS2 Games

    What kind of shape is your game in? Everything included? Any Scratches? Would you be willing to inclue $5?
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    FS/FT Xbox and PS2 Games

    Well I'm interested in GTAIII. Would you be willing to include anything else with that game?
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    FS/FT Xbox and PS2 Games

    Yeah, who are you?
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    FS/FT Xbox and PS2 Games

    Stupid e-mail... Anyways just look here: I also have a few games for trade: Phantasy Star Online* DC Dark Summit*X-Box Sould Calibur Complete and Mint DC Warcraft 3 PC Zeus* PC Disciples 2* PC Baldur's Gate* PC
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    FS/FT Xbox and PS2 Games

    All of my e-mails have been bouncing. I've tried sending a ton of e-mail and they won't work. It's probably my router. If the e-mail I just sent you doesn't go I'll just post my list here.
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    More good news for TV on DVD...

    SLIDERS!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH man!!!!! Anyone else remember this fantastic show?
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    FS/FT Xbox and PS2 Games

    Did you get my e-mail?