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    FS: Klipsch Synergy KSF-C5 Center

    Bump. Make offer.
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    FS: Klipsch Synergy KSF-C5 Center

    I bought this locally as part of a 5 speaker package which included the Forte II's that I really wanted. Works fine & looks OK, I just really have no use for it since I bought the Forte's for my 2 channel system. I inserted it into my HT rig for a few days to ensure everything sounds fine, and...
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    FS: Insignia B-2111 Speakers

    Nobody?How about $50 shipped, ConUS? They're just sitting in their box all lonesone in my closet waiting for a new home. Current price @ BestBuy looks to be $84 + tax.-Dave
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    FS: Insignia B-2111 Speakers

    SOLD Edited by DaveHo - 8/4/2009 at 03:52 pm GMT
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    FS: Ascend Acoustics 5 Channel System

    Only 1 pair of 170's left. $175 + shipping. -Dave
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    FS: Ascend Acoustics 5 Channel System

    Center channel is sold. Discount if you buy both pairs of 170s. -Dave
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    FS: Ascend Acoustics 5 Channel System

    Only 1 pair of CBM-170s left. These are the classic version. 8/10 condition on the Audiogon scale. Non-smoking home. I've upgraded to the SEs, hence they are for sale. Shipping to the continental US only or local pickup(zip 19606 or 19341). If shipping, payment by Paypal or USPS money order...
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    Garage Sale Help

    My experience with clothes at yard sales is that most people expect you to practically give it away. If you're not in a big hurry, find a consignment shop that sells men's clothes. My wife does this with all our unwanted clothes & makes out much better than what could be gotten at a yard sale...
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    FS: Aragon 8008st Amp 400 Watts x 2!

    LOL. Read the original post date newb. Can we please make a minimum post count to post in the FS sections?
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    Looking for Blanking-off plates for DM640

    Go to a fabric store & pick up some 2" thick foam. Make your own. -Dave
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    Bump. Anyone looking to thin out their collection? Let me know. -Dave
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    Emotiva XPA-5

    2nd owner, 10% off the cost of brand new, whoopdeedoo. -Dave
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    SACD's and DVD's for sale and one DVD-A

    Bump for Shanon. I bought a couple discs from him. Good transaction! -Dave
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    Quick Help: selling on Craigs List?

    The first thing you need to know when selling on Craigslist is that most of the people who contact you are not serious buyers & will waste your time. Having been given the run around before by the "tire kickers", my policy is cash only & the first person to show up & put it in my hand gets the...