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    Viruses and Browser Hijackers: Here we go again!

    Spyware Blaster is a program that will not remove but block and refuse installation of spyware & hijackers....That in combination with Spybot is the best of both worlds....Yahoo has a toolbar that is convenient and has a spyware tool withing it - you can run the spyware easily from IE. FWIW...
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    DSS into HTPC

    Video capture card of any type.....Check HTPCnews.com forum section for some recommendations....
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    WTB 6 Ft Optical Cable

    www.partsexpress.com Seldom will ever find used components for less than PE. Check for specials - you can get stuff dirt cheap....No true HTPC/HT buff is complete without a PE book by their side ;) http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd...number=180-942...
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    FS Zalman CPU Cooler CNPS7000B-ALCU

    If that deal falls thru....I will definitely take it. Great Cooler...!!
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    Windows Media Center 2005 Software

    I would trust Tiger Direct.....Very leery of the Onrebate site - but hey, if you are gonna get a 3400 anyways - worth a shot....I dont think a 3400 is necessary for HTPC... BUT, with the Tiger Direct system - I cant imagine purchasing ANY motherboard with AGP at this juncture - PCI express is...
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    Windows Media Center 2005 Software

    That would be fine - I understand the budget....I used this was really, really impressed with it Zalman Cooler This is about the same price and includes a fan controller. It is proven HTPC quality by many site reviews.
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    Windows Media Center 2005 Software

    Steve, ALWAYS replace the stock Heatsink/Fan combination. It is the greatest source of noise period - I have never found for ANY CPU that was acceptable....They are AWFUL - any/all of them....The after market ones are very reasonable and astonishingly quiet....They will cool better regardless...
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    Windows Media Center 2005 Software

    Yes, all those things do make sense....Although as a HDTV convert - I have a snobbish appeal to it right now.... Nice to see the benefits to a MCE2005 PVR - I got to admit no one has ever pointed them out....When I build a MCE box for the living room - all your recommendations would be...
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    Windows Media Center 2005 Software

    Hi... An Aristec HT400 with 9600XT. Likely you are referring to a much more involved system and I would agree with your assesment. I really think the AMD64 939 CPUs are the future, at the same time I wouldnt advise a 754pin AMD64. I am not really arguing the point - but I do completely...
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    Windows Media Center 2005 Software

    The 3.0e isnt *that* bad....Yes, its hot BUT it designed to run hot and it does handle the heat....About 10deg is the difference....Not really *that* significant.... Zalman's CPU 7000B cooler works well to keep it in line and is silent....I used their heatsink and PS and I have to stick my...
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    FS: Dayton Sub

    I have several offers but nothing done yet....I have said I would do $90 shipped to your area in one of my counters - so yeah, that would work... Thanks, Dave
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    Powerstrip... widescreen thru s-video??

    No, at least I am reasonably sure no....S-Video is 480i and only 4:3....I am not aware of anyway to manipulate it to 16:9 natively....I am sure someone will pipe in with the technical reasons soon enough....or correct me ;) You have to figure out the component problem and fix it to get what...
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    Wtb- Cheap Receiver

    I have a Pioneer VSX411 available....excellent condition. DTS/DD5.1/DPLII etc, etc Interested?
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    FS: Dayton Sub

    If interested - Toss out an offer....I wont give it away, but will be reasonable - Split freight, free freight, lower price....toss something reasonable out there and score yourself a real nice HT sub...!!! lorax @ tds dot net
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    FS: Dayton Sub

    Dayton 10" 100 Watt Subwoofer. Used for about 1 yr in a family room. Never really pushed, this was my third room with a HT system - movies were in the theater. Just used to add presence to TV/Sports....Very Good Condition. Paypal ok... $100.00 plus shipping