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    Where to find the 7th speaker?

    After 4 years, would be interested if he contacts you. Bring out yer dead.
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    Surround speakers- matching or not

    My fronts and surrounds are matched. My rear (7.1) were an old pair of surrounds. I can't tell that the 4 don't match. YMMV.
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    Paradigm Signature S8

    +1 for the Ultra.
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    Weeds season 4

    I really like this season and like that they are re-engaging the old gang. I thought the store scene were the after the third theft, the back room worker locks the door and says "Seniora, that's the third time. You keep letting criminals in here".
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    Ebert & Roeper Move On / New Hosts Announced

    I still like the show. It was neat when there was other guest reviewers. To me, it's not so much that I agree with Roeper's views, it just gave me a snapshot at upcoming movies. And who cares what time it airs? The only live TV is watch is sports.
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    I made my own using an inkjet printer and black plaque frames. PM if you want hi-res images. I am looking to do a Bluray one.
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    A few questions about extension ladders

    1) The size of the ladder is going to depend on how many stories. Typical houses will have gutters at 9' +/-. A 24' extension ladder would be sufficient to reach the gutters on a 2 story house. 2) Place a towel on the top of your truck. Load the ladder so it sits in the rear of the bed and...
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    Friday Night Light's cuts 2 Characters

    I'm just glad they decided to give it another season. I understand it was very expensive to produce.
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    *** Official WALL-E Review Thread

    I did not see it but one of my 10 year old boys reviewed it as "Two hours of pure glory."
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    Another "need legal advice" thread

    Good call on Walmart camera. Also check with Walmart management. I am sure there were some witnesses. Best to capture their information now instead of trying to track them down in the future.
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    Another "need legal advice" thread

    Georgia is a comparative negligence State. For simplicity sake, lets say your claim is worth $1000. But you contributed 10% to the negligence of the accident. You would only be able to receive 90% of the $1000. That is a good thing. There are States that use contributory negligence. Under this...
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    Another "need legal advice" thread

    I am very sorry to hear about your father's accident. The fact that the lawyer you spoke with gave you three options is telling. If the case were clear cut - from a legal standpoint - the lawyer would have been all over it for contingency. What State did the accident happen? It can take an...
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    Another WWYD Question

    TV Repair guy just left indicating that my 10 year old Mitsu 63" RPTV needs about $500 of work. This, of course, is a rough estimate and it cost me $100 to get it. It was calibrated by Greg Loewen. My room is appox 13 x 20 with a viewing distance of 14 feet. There is one sliding door with...
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    In need of an Audio Rack

    Have you considered building your own? Do a search for flexi rack. I made my own and it came out great. You could have HD/Lowes make your cuts. You will need to drill, paint, and assemble (you might have to cut the threaded rod if you cannot find the correct length).
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    Time for FP? Questions/advice

    I am thinking about retiring my 8 year old 63 mitsu rptv and have FP on my mind. The viewing room is multipurpose but mostly used for tv/movie vieweing. The room dimensions are 13 x 22. Seating position is 15.5'. I sliding door to outside with window tint and curtains (might need to add...