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    Barnes & Noble Semi-Annual 50% off Criterion Sale

    Temple Drake was my in-store purchase near the beginning of the sale. I'd hoped for War of the Worlds but the last copy was on hold for a customer who ultimately got it; since then all locations within 100 miles have been out of stock. Ended up ordering in-store / ship to home today - plenty of...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Tex Avery Screwball Classics - Volume 1 - in Blu-ray

    In a compromise between budget, price, existing accounts and speed of shipping, my pre-order from Movie-Zyng (Allied-Vaughn) shipped last night and is due to arrive this coming Friday (21st). (Droopy) "I'm happy." (/Droopy)
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    THE MONKEES TV SERIES: Show Facts & Speculation About Possible Future HD Releases

    Tony - None of the commercials stood out in memory, except for this: all of them had run often enough on network TV at that time that I remember having seen them repeatedly. Didn't run the commentary tracks, so now I'm curious enough to sample it again... ...sometime. :) And yes, after the...
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    THE MONKEES TV SERIES: Show Facts & Speculation About Possible Future HD Releases

    Chiming in because I just finished watching my copy of the blu-ray box set... The 20 to 25 seconds or so of absent Jerry Lee Lewis wasn't especially noticeable; I ran the sequences back to back (blu / DVD) for comparison. Unfortunately I wasn't checking sound quality carefully, so I can't give...
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    Pre-Order The Twilight Zone: Season One (2019) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Nope - Westbrook Van Voorhis' voice was one for the newsreels. :) A long time friend invited my wife and myself out to watch the first couple episodes when they dropped on CBS-AA. I think, perhaps, as much for the fun of watching my reactions as anything else. Despite what I thought then and...
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    Mad About You (2019)

    Followup - I did watch the other four episodes currently available, enjoyed them. Now the twist: Because we've just "cut the cord" and severed relations with Spectrum, I won't be seeing the last six episodes any time soon. Will hope for an eventual physical media release -- or even streaming...
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    Mad About You (2019)

    Having actually watched the first two episodes today... I'm cool with it. I laughed, I enjoyed it, and I'll watch the rest when time permits. I liked these characters back then, and I'm happy to have the chance to see what's been happening in their world since. Simple as that.
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    The Twilight Zone: A 60th Anniversary Celebration [11/14/2019 only]

    My wife and I were able to see this last night, courtesy of another HTF member. It was presented with what I take is typical Fathom-Event quality, but it was a pleasure to see these nearly-60-years-old "little TV episodes" on a theater screen with crystal-clear sound. (I could hear the minor...
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    Monty Python's Flying Circus Restored for Blu Ray

    Agreed. The only possible exception might be those sets that were gently cradled by European swallows. (or was it African swallows?) Yes, my box's inner dividers were obliterated - I had a stealth delivery yesterday afternoon unseen until 4:30 this morning as I went to work. The main...
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    Cherry-picking: reasons?

    It is indeed - that's why I was happy to get it out of the way as soon as possible, to better enjoy the good episodes. (I'd seen most of the show in syndication from 1985 onward. With the whole works available uncut in the briefcase set, I could skip around as I pleased.)
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    Cherry-picking: reasons?

    I've kept both the individual-disc TZ releases and my own key to which episode's where on what disc, so I can research when needed. (Stuff like "which main title design is used for a first season show: original run or network repeat....") All that despite - or because - of the "definitive" DVD...
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    Weekly RoundUp 9-24-2019

    The Great Waldo Pepper is tempting, as I enjoyed that film when first released. But I've had the DVD for some years, and don't think I've watched it more than twice, so while It's a solid film for me....
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    DVD Review Elementary: The Final Season DVD Review

    Rewatch value is certainly subjective. I confirmed it here when I noticed some discoloration on a season 1 disc. "Had" to watch the pilot, then fast-forwarded the other three episodes plus bonus features to ensure they still tracked / played OK. The disc is fine, and it was tons of fun for me...
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    Weekly RoundUp 9-17-2019

    Condolences to Matt H (post 4 above) on his trials with CBS. Elementary - Final Season came home today, despite Amazon shipping in "one to three months," Best Buy and Target "not in stores." Barnes and Noble came through at 30% off list, and it was physically in the store for purchase. Both...
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    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: Popeye The Sailor: The 1940s Volume 3 (Blu-ray)

    Decided to give Movie-Zyng a try for Popeye this time around. Ordered Saturday; shipped yesterday, expected in home by this Friday. If all continues smoothly I'll probably stay with them for future MOD orders.