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    Five free Bluray disks

    I was looking for a form online to get these, but the only one I can find says that the player must have been purchased by Jan 31, 2008. Is there a newer form out there for Canada?
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    PS3 as a Blu-ray player in a theater

    I'm just about to take the jump and get a PS3 (taking back my Samsung player as they are the same price now) and just wanted a bit of clarification on the sound. If I'm running HDMI through my reciever, and the receiver can decode DTS HD and Dolby True HD (Onkyo 805 for example), will I be...
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    Should I do it?

    Same thing happened to me, but I got there at 4am for the 6am opening. First 10 people in line snatched them up. I ended up going to Best Buy and picking it up for $199. Still a good enough deal for me!
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    Should I do it?

    So I did it. I'm aware of the risks if BR wins the war. And after I read a little more (before I bought it), I saw that the players were able to play normal DVDs. Looks like my girlfriend just aquired my old player to replace her Walmart garbage I've nearly thrown through her window a few times...
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    Should I do it?

    I was hoping the war would end before I made a decision, but then I saw a Boxing Week sale at a local store and figured, for $99, I can't really go wrong. Should I get this? *edit, I guess I missed the thread right below mine asking pretty much the same question. Oops. haha How about...
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    Pioneer VSX-1016TXV subwoofer setup Help

    The sub he has is actually mine that he borrowed. I have had mine set up in a few different places I've lived over the years, including my current home with a 13x13 room. I've gone to his place and listened and it's bizarre. There really isn't any oomph coming from the sub. I've cranked the...
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    PC to projector for gaming

    I've come back to the experts. Finally bought a projector (Panny AE700) last year. The final piece of the puzzle. A friend of mine suggested that I hook up my computer to my projector to try out a couple racing games. So I ask, what is the easiest way to do this? I know my receiver (Yamaha...
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    Panny AE-700 image size question

    Damn those thin black bars. :)
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    Panny AE-700 image size question

    Ok, so as I mentioned in another thread, I built my screen (110" 16:9) and have been loving it. I built it 96" x 54". When I pop in a DVD, the menu fills the screen and looks like magic. But when the movie plays, there are always black bars. Movies that are 1:78:1 have small black lines on top...
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    How important are Projector screens?

    I build my own. If nothing else, I think it's nicer looking than just the wall. It definitely has more wow factor when people see it hanging on your wall for the first time :). I bought screen material off ebay (110" diagonal) and built the frame and border myself. I was pretty pleased with...
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    Can projectors be mounted on the side of the room?

    I read of a projector that actually mounts to your wall a few days ago. It isn't out yet, but the idea was pretty snazzy. I'll try to find the link. *edit: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=605987
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    UPS question

    Yeah, I'm just looking for something to allow the projector to cool down enough in such an emergency. Thanks a lot. You just saved me a lot of cash :)
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    UPS question

    I'm getting my first projector this week and was advised to get a UPS incase of power failure so the bulb has a chance to cool down properly. Well, after looking around, I've noticed that these aren't the cheapest things to buy. My question is, would these inexpensive ones designed for computer...
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    Receiver or separates

    Ahh yes, the age old debate. Well, I'm posting this for a friend who has a pair of old Cervin Vega VS-120 front speakers. He runs them off a Kenwood receiver but it looking to upgrade that. He's wanting to know what he should get to get the most out of those speakers. He'd also like a sub as...
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    Still more PJ questions...

    There's a dealer around here (Glubes ) that sells the Panny for around $3500 - . Another one sells the Infocus for $1500 (Fidelis).